The Candor

Missing Home?

by Elana Garay




Another year has started with new experiences to begin. College can be a fun experience, but homesickness can be common in many college students. There are ways to treat homesickness. Make sure to balance time to call family and friends or schedule days to go visit.

A`U.S. News article advises, “If you’re really struggling one day, just let yourself be sad and miss home. After all, there are probably legitimate things about being home that anyone in your situation would miss. The key with this plan, however, is to let yourself be sad for just one day. And after that one day passes, you have to move on.”

There is nothing wrong with letting the emotions out. Also from the website, “Being homesick is often a sign that you have happy, healthy relationships with people back at home. Even though many students won’t talk about it, a very large number of first-year and transfer students experience homesickness during their first few months at school.”

Missing home is okay to happen. If needed, there is always an option of counseling during the school year which is free for Benedictine students. The most important thing is to remember you are not alone.