The Candor

Candor Editors’ Letter to President Brophy

Dear President Brophy:

We welcome you to the start of a new school year with the Benedictine Community. We hope that you have settled in nicely.

The Editors at the Candor look forward to working with you to accomplish various goals for the betterment of the student body.  Communication is one of the main areas we would love to improve upon with you going forward.  These areas include:


Supporting student organization and club events

o          Your presence at any student events would show students that you really do put students first and care about what they are doing on campus.

Having lunch or dinner with students during major meal times

o          This would allow for you to really get to know the students you are now governing. Not only that, but the students will become more comfortable with you and get to know you on a more personal level.

Opening up the Executive Suites

o          This will allow students to discuss with you any issues or concerns they may have without feeling out of place or intimidated to enter your office.


Aside from improvement to communication, there following are also issues we currently face on campus:

Better wifi availability

o          In order to improve efficiency in what we do, wifi needs to be working correctly. Improved wifi speed will aid with time management.

More variety in class offerings

o          Given the growth our campus has experienced, we need more options when it come to class selection or bigger classes to accommodate the larger student population.

Improved internship opportunities

o          If we are expected to fulfill our major requirement before graduation, we need to have internship opportunities offered through the school. Internships truly aid in expanding students experience and make us more marketable to future employers.

Faculty and student side by side academic research opportunities

o          Research is one of the greatest ways to improve Benedictine’s visibility in the country and worldwide.  Having the opportunity to conduct research with our professors will give students hands on experience and allow for better student teacher connections.

Dedicated silent study areas

o          The areas that are currently designated for silent study have become the opposite. The students need somewhere they can focus and get their work done, otherwise our academics will falter with all the distractions we currently face.

The Candor is the voice of the student body and we promise to upload integrity and the truth with every publication either online or print. We look forward to what the future has in store for our Benedictine community. We hope to work with you in the future to ensure the legacy that Dr. Carroll left.