The Candor

The Greatest Music Festival of All Time

By: Mohammed Akber Khan

Photo: Wikipedia
Coachella, the greatest music festival to come since Woodstock dating back to the 70s recently finished, and has people exclaiming this was the greatest time of their lives. The festival is no stranger to surprise guests, wild crowds, and massive widespread drug abuse. A few years ago, during Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog set, Dr. Dre brought out a Hologram of the legendary iconic rapper Tupac, which had audience stunned and in awe. This year the main subject of Coachella was Madonna Laying a kiss on rapper Drake. The 56-year-old Queen of Pop saw it fitting to end the night off by kissing the most popular rapper in the scene right now, for all we know that kiss could make Drake release fifteen more albums.
Kanye West also made a surprise appearance during The Weeknds set. Whenever West shows up the whole place gets flipped upside down. West performed a few of his own songs including his new song “All Day” during the set to whip the crowd up into frenzy. However, Coachella is not all peace and love like its predecessor Woodstock was. Coachella usually receives a backlash with social media.
Coachella is usually seen as a place for the wealthy and privileged to attend to show off the money that their parents make. It’s seen as a place where valley girls wear Native American Headdresses and run around on “molly”. Coachella has also seen its fair share of sexual assault cases, although rape has never been reported, there have been multiple cases of being getting kicked out of the festival for sexual harassment.
In recent years, Coachella has turned into a pop-up hot spot for corporations to go out and promote whatever it is they are promoting whether it be a phone, clothes, car, etc. Coachella can also be a pricy experience, stated by, “the average cost of going to Coachella can cost up to $900, including general admission, food, camping, and gas.”
All in all, even with all the down sides, Coachella is a golden opportunity for people to fully express themselves and be with like-minded people to share a magical experience of seeing their favorite artists perform live. Coachella has become a symbol of the American music scene, and its legacy will continue to live on and eventually even surpass Woodstock as the greatest musical experience to ever take place in the United States.