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Saddest Grey’s Anatomy Moments

Tatanisha Wooley

Photo: Wikipedia

Grey’s Anatomy is one of the best fictional hospital dramas, and I’m not saying that because of McDreamy and McSteamy. The attractive male cast is a nice bonus but it’s the storylines that draw me in season after season. This is why after ten seasons I am still watching the show and being amazed at all these characters go through and taking on their emotional journeys with them. The show is amazing because it manages to pull every emotion you have watching that one hour. That being said if you ever watch the show you would know that Grey’s season finales are some of the best on television. To this day there has not been one season finale I have not ball my eyes out. When I am watching that last episode I make sure to have a tissues nearby.
1. “Good Mourning”- George O’ Malley’s Death- To this day no death on this show can top George’s. George was my favorite character and to see him go was the saddest moment for me. Anyone who watches the show can agree that George was the character you rooted for because he normally got the short end of the stick. George died after saving a woman and then a bus dragged him. He was going to enroll in the military and then he dies after performing a noble deed. None of the doctors knew he was the patient because he was injury badly. Thanks, to Mer who figured it out when he tapped 007 on her hand. When I saw him in the elevator with Izzy I knew one of them had died and it was him, therefore cue the tears. There he was in his uniform and Izzy in her prom dress and the look on Izzy’s face when she realized George must have died was truly sad.
2. “Sanctuary”- McDreamy was shot-For my first episode this was a great way to reel me in. I would never forget how much I cried when I watch the doctors get shot by the grief-stricken husband. After a couple of minutes I felt invested to the characters this was the beauty of the show. Rhimes has a way of drawing in you without knowing the background story of the people. My heart was racing during the entire scene and look as if Derek may have been OK had April not came running in. Although I’m mad they decided to kill him off in the last episode of the current season. It is really cruel and evil because while Derek was not always the best person he was fan favorite.
3. “Suddenly” Henry dies- Talk about cruel and mean, just when Teddy falls in love with the man they decided to kill him. It took her awhile too opened up and love him and they were perfect together. The acing was at its best in this episode. The look of absolute horror on Christina’s face when she realized that Henry died on her table sent chills through me. Christina did not know it was Henry on the table as Teddy asked Owen not to tell her, so that she would go into her save the day mode. Just heartbreaking.
4. “Flight” Lexie dies-Out of all Grey’ couples they were my favorite and the fact Lexie was killed just as Mark realized how much he loved her crushed me. This was the finale of season 8 and I cried like a newborn baby. Sloan was love with Lexie although he never showed it always. His final statement of love was one of the best death scene speeches ever written. What made the scene sadder was that Lexie had to wait until she was dying to hear that Mark love her. Why did she end up like? They could have brought her back.
5. “Going, Going, Gone”- Mark Dies- As if Lexie dying wasn’t bad enough they had to go and kill off Mark in the season nine premiere. Mark had manage to wake from his coma and it seem like he was doing well but he suddenly crashed and died. As sad as it was it was great because that meant he was going to join Lexie in heaven.