The Candor

Red Cross Measles Event

by Payal Shukla

The American Red Cross at Benedictine University hosted their annual Measles event on Thursday April 23.

The main event included two science professors, Dr. Ferroni and Dr. Crum, were pied in the face with a whipped cream pie and silly string in support of the Measles campaign and to bring awareness to end Measles outbreaks worldwide.

“The point of this campaign is to increase awareness on the Measles disease in a fun way and to raise money towards ending this problem and eradicating the disease permanently,” said Benedictine University junior Estefanía Perez.

There were various plastic jars placed in the science office on the third floor of Birck Hall in which students could place money inside to vote for their favorite professors during the month of April.

The two professors with the most amounts of donations would be pied at the end.

“I would update the score board regularly as well as collect the money out of the jars each day,” said Benedictine University’s American Red Cross Treasurer junior Sumaiya Attar.

All of the viewers of the event were also offered free pie for attending.

The event took place in the Jaeger Quad, right outside of Krasa, near the new business building is being built. Around 50 students, staff and faculty were in attendance of this event.

This event was a way for the Benedictine University community to have professors and students engage in a single cause of making a change on campus.

The American Red Cross hopes to team up with other clubs and organizations on BenU’s campus in order to initiate more changes in the future and also in hopes to continue hosting events in which they will be able to raise money for charity.

The annual Measles event brought out many members of the Benedictine community.

“I really enjoyed this event and I hope we have many more of these in the future,” said junior Brad Larson.

For more American Red Cross events at BenU keep an eye out if you are interested in supporting the cause or to get more information.