The Candor

Marvel’s TV Series Daredevil

By Reem Ibrahim

PHOTO: wikipedia
Marvel and Netflix teamed up to release a show that doesn’t fail at grabbing the attention of millions of people in the few days the first episode was released. On April 10th, “Daredevil” was released on Netflix and despite being a little late to the party, I gave myself time to sit down and watch the show that would soon be the reason my life goes downhill because all I can think about is whether or not Matt Murdock is going to be safe. The series is based off the original comics of the same name created by Stan Lee, Bill Everett and published by Marvel.
Matt Murdock, the main character and otherwise known as Daredevil, is a blind lawyer-by-day who fights crime at night to keep his city safe. As a child, he was blinded by a chemical spill in a freak accident that resulted in him losing his sight but instead of limiting him, it gave him superhuman senses that enabled him to see the world in a unique and powerful way.
Personally, I love Marvel and superheroes so I knew as soon as the first episode ended that I’d be dedicated and obsessed with the show which was absolutely correct. I’ve spent the last few days pestering my friends and family to watch Daredevil because everyone and their mother needs to give this show a try. I don’t care if you don’t like superheroes or you have this odd hatred for Marvel, just sit down and watch Daredevil because you’ll be forever grateful for listening to me.
I binge watched the first season so badly to the point, I was sitting in class just thinking of how excited I am to go home and watch Daredevil. I’d sit on my laptop and watch interviews of the actors, I’d read articles regarding Daredevil, and I even asked to write this article about Daredevil. I was so excited when I got the ‘okay’ to write about Daredevil because now I have an excuse to talk about it without being asked to shut up.
The only thing that hurts my heart is the fact season 2 won’t be released until 2016. That’s so far away, like what am I supposed to do with my life now? I should just sleep my days away until the episodes are available on Netflix. I mean, come on. Chop, chop Daredevil team. People are waiting and in people, I mean me. I’m waiting.
Okay, now that you’re done reading this article, log in to your Netflix account (I don’t care who the account belongs to) and watch Daredevil. Do it if you truly love yourself.