The Candor

How to dress for graduation

Graduation is just around the corner, and finding the perfect outfit can be difficult. With unexpected weather, and the possibility of pouring rain, we all want to look good celebrating a huge accomplishment. For many of us, this is the end of our schooling, while some choose to continue their education. But looking good is goal for everyone. Again, dressing for the occasion and the weather are the most important aspects to remember while getting ready. Here are a few tips on dressing for the big day.

Comfy shoes: If the ceremony is outdoors, wearing the right shoes is extremely important. Ladies, dressy flats would compliment any outfit, but if you’re daring to strut down the stage with heels, make sure they’re wedged heels. Having pointy heels dug into grass, will only lead dirty shoes. Guys, nice and comfy dress shoes will add to the formality. Please do not show up with man sandals or athletic shoes.

Clothing: Remember it’s a big milestone to be finishing undergrad, and though your gown will be covering your outfit, dressing semi formal will look great for pictures. Lucky for us, our gowns are black, and with the heat, wearing many layers can get sweaty. Choosing the right fabric clothing should be taken into consideration. Ladies, if you’re planning on wearing a top or dress, looking for lighter fabrics like chiffon and cotton. While the men should avoid wearing a sport coat or suit jacket under their gown, but rather just wear a lightweight dress shirt.

Hair: Depending on the weather, hairstyles need to be evaluated. Preparing for humidity, cap hair, and rain must be taken seriously. Plan ahead, and have hairspray ready.

Dressing of this big event can get confusing, but taking into consideration the possibilities of drastic weather, and location change. But the most important thing to remember is comfort. Congrats to all 2015 graduate!