The Candor

Exhibit Draws Attention to Graphic Arts

by Karly Sacco

Benedictine University hosted their 5th Annual Student Graphic Arts Exhibition in Kindlon Hall Atrium on Thursday, April 23.

Artwork from students created in the past year was showcased in the event.

“This event is to celebrate graphic arts and design students accomplishments for one year at Benedictine. This is the 5th celebration of this event. For this show it includes from freshmen to senior levels of work. We plan on having this work continue every year,” said Fine Arts Assistant Professor Hai Ri Han.

The art students took their time out to help put together the event.

“I am currently in senior portfolio for graphic design and me and my other classmates worked really hard to assemble everything here along with working with the other groups and classes. It’s kind of our job as seniors to get everyone’s stuff together and lined up properly so that it looks clean, ”said senior graphic arts student Johanna Ficner.

There were many different types of artwork that were put on display at the art exhibition.

“My senior portfolio class have our calendars posted up along with other pieces of art that we worked really hard on,” said Ficner.

Behind the work in the art show were many hours of designing the pieces themselves.

“We really hope that everyone enjoys this event as much as we had making the art,” said Ficner.

The event was public so the artwork caught the eyes of Benedictine students that were walking past.

“I love all the different types of art here at today’s event. I really enjoy what the typography class created because I was a typography student, so it’s interesting to see the other classes, the way they do there work and how different everyone’s work is from each other,” said BenU junior Reem Ibrahim. “

It’s a really good event to have at BenU and the art is very interesting to look at.”

The Student Graphic Arts Exhibition gives a chance for Benedictine University to view the work that the graphic arts students have put into their projects.

“This is a great way for the art students to showcase their hard work over the past year,” said Han.

The departments of Graphic Arts and Design, Fine Arts, Communication Arts, and College of Liberal Arts sponsored the exhibition.