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Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia

At work, I was watching the Blackhawks game and I couldn’t help but to notice that most of the players were really cute. I got to think why I have not been watching the Blackhawks…yes the team is good but the players are also really good looking. It’s rare to find a sports team where there are so many hot guys, unless you’re watching a movie or television show. I had to pick my favorites otherwise talking about the entire team could take many pages.

1. Jonathan Toews (Center, Captain), Number: 19 Height: 6′ 2″ Shoots: Left Age: 26
If he was not playing hockey I could see him being a huge action star. He could have been the next Jason Bourne. I could see his baby face on the big screen and women falling in love with him. I look it up he is currently single meaning someone needs to lock him down soon.
2. Brandon Saad (Left Wing), Number: 20 Height: 6′ 1″ Shoots: Left Age: 22
Say no more. No really, don’t speak. Just, don’t speak. Not only is he super gorgeous but we are the same age! Which makes me sad in a way because we are the same age and he is making 6.5 million dollars and I’m making 8.25 an hour. Something is not right here. Next to teammate Corey he has the best beard and mustache on the team.
3. Patrick Sharp (Left Wing), Number: 10 Height: 6′ 1″ Shoots: Right Age: 33
He always looks sharp off the field have you seen him in a suit. Sharp was born to wear suits! Is there an age limit to how long you can play hockey because if not I never want to see Patrick leave the ice. Sharp may have the most controversy out of everyone on his team but he keeps us entertained.
4. Corey Crawford (Goaltender) Number: 50 Height: 6′ 2″ Catches: Left Age: 30
He’s from Canada so he has to be nice right? I always hear how nice Canadians are especially when compared to us rowdy Americans. He speaks French the language of love. He’s perfect. Corey can pull off a shave and unshaven face personally prefer him with the beard and mustache. He has the smile that could turn a bad day into a good one.
5. Niklas Hjalmarsson (Defenseman) Number: 4 Height: 6′ 3″ Shoots: Left Age: 27
The hottie with a body hailing all the way from Sweden. I may not know how to pronounce his last name but I am willing to learn. He could easily be my favorite because he has the cutest accent. He gets points in my book for being the tallest guy on the list.
6. Patrick Kane (Rightwing) Number: 88 Height: 5’11 Shoots: Left Age: 26
He may be known as the other Patrick but he is the better looking Patrick. He captured my heart once I look the team rooster up on Google and saw his face. I never had the moment where someone took my breath away until him. Not even Ryan Gosling who is the love of my life has done that. Not an all-time fan of mullets but he rock his mullet and it was attractive on him.
7. Honorable Mentions- These are the guys are hot but just miss the cutoff because of the above 6.
David Rundblad (Defenseman) Number: 5 Height: 6’2 Shoots: Right Age: 24
Kris Versteeg (Left Wing) Number: 23 Height: 5’11 Shoots: Right Age: 28
Antoine Vermette (Center) Number: 80 Height: 6’1 Shoots: Left Age: 32