By: Hashim Arain

Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia
The political world shook last week when Hillary Clinton formally announced her candidacy for President in 2016. This announcement by Clinton was highly anticipated by political observers around the country. Now that Clinton said she is running, the presidential race will start to pick up some steam. Clinton is without a doubt one of the most recognizable political figures in America, and she will be tough to beat for whoever challenges her in the Democratic Primary.

According to the Washington Post, Clinton announced her presidential bid in a video on YouTube, the Post also reports that the video featured members of Clinton’s supposed targeted coalition, which included young people and people that are beginning a new chapter in their lives. Clinton related this theme back to her by explaining that she’s starting a new chapter in her life, which is getting another shot at running for President.

Since Clinton is the first candidate for the Democrats to announce her run for president, there has been a lot of speculation to what kind of campaign strategies she’ll implement, and how well those strategies will connect with the public. As the Website Politico notes a day after the announcement Clinton named three policy advisors to the campaign, one will deal with foreign policy issues, another will deal with children and family issues, and the third one will deal with human rights issues around the world.

Politico reports that this is an early snapshot as to what the Clinton campaign will focus on, which seems to be a mix of economic and foreign policy affairs. The biggest challenge that I think Clinton will face is trying to think of new ideas in order to keep the Democratic base energized. Since Clinton has been at the center for American politics for so long, I believe that people may get tired of her campaign pretty quickly.

According to USA Today, Clinton needs to run her campaign like she’s running against a lot of candidates, she should not run on the fact that she’s been a Washington insider for most of her career. The USA Today also notes that the public is growing tired of having so called “dynasties in politics” which she is very much a part of along with her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

Hillary Clinton obviously will have a lot of support throughout her campaign, but I also get the sense that the public would like to see a viable candidate from the Democrats that could challenge her. This is going to be something that’s going to be interesting to watch in the coming months ahead as more candidates enter the race. The big thing to look for is how Clinton will reinvent her image, after being involved in politics for so long. I think this will be a difficult thing for her to do during the course of the campaign. She needs to be able to relate to the public on a personal level, which could be difficult for a person of her stature.