MangoBaaz: The New Entertainment For Pakistan’s Youth

By: Hadia Javed
Pakistan, the sixth most populous country in the world, is filled with young adults trying to get their voices heard. MangoBaaz, a new up and coming company created by two Pakistani that are making sure the youth of the country is being heard.
“For young Pakistanis around the world, there is local media content almost only consisting of mainstream news, politics, and melodramatic television. As a result, there’s a vacuum with regards to engaging content for the younger generation – which also happens to make the majority of Pakistan’s population,” said Ahsan co-founder of MangoBaaz.
Ali Ahsan and Ali Gul, both Pakistan natives came together to co-found MangoBaaz. Their purpose of creating this company was to provide “engaging content for a younger generation.”
“We personally believe that Pakistan is on a backward trend and on the path to becoming close-minded. By speaking directly to our audience, we want to make people question our societal norms and challenge the ones that hinder progress and evolution,” said Ahsan.
Their website contains a series of articles ranging from “Awkward Times For Load Shedding” to maybe something a bit more serious like “11 Interesting Places in Pakistan,” which takes you through beautiful and breathtaking parts of Pakistan that we might have never heard of like the Siachen Glacier located in the Himalaya Mountains.
When I asked Ahsan why they chose to name their company MangoBaaz he responded, “Well, we wanted to publish content that was juicy and tasteful. There’s nothing in the world more juicy or tasty than a Pakistani Mango.” He also added that they wanted to have content that pushed boundaries and was edgy, something that questioned reality.
With a website out there like MangoBaaz, Pakistani’s can finally come across articles that they can relate to. It’s okay if we are unable to find our names on key chains at the souvenir shop, we can head on over to MangoBaaz to find out which eleven traits we have that set us apart as a Pakistani.