The Candor

Come Dance With Us

ISA and HSA host a night dedicated to the Indian culture

By Sara Haque

Photo credit: Sara Haque
The Hindu Student Association and Indian Student Association hosted the annual India Night on April 10 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Lisle. The night included dances, food, a fashion show and singing, which highlighted the diverse culture of India.

“The theme is Aaja Nachle which means come dance with us, so we want people to come experience India. The cultures, religions, colors, dances forms and all of that,” said HSA President Payal Shukla.

Attendees were excited for what the night would bring.

“It’s India Night and everyone looks beautiful already and they’re not in their clothes, so it’s just going to get even better,” said Julie Carroll.

The night began with introductions of both student associations and the board members. With respects to the American and Indian cultures, both national anthems were sung, along with Hindu prayers.

After, the hosts of the night, Farheen Moinuddin, Shivani Patel, Anuj Akhand and Mohammed Farhan commenced the skit of traveling to India and learning the culture through performances.

“Hosting the show as a member of ISA was a great experience, and it was an honor to represent Indian culture to those who are not so familiar with it,” said ISA PR Farheen Moinuddin.

Then began the acts of duet, group and solo dance performances.

“We had to do a lot of rehearsals and try-outs, we had to make a lot intro videos and put the music together and food and all that planning. It’s been a great experience to work with my board as a family and plan this event,” said Shukla.

The performances had the audience tapping their feet, and singing alone.

“I thought the show was excellent it was my first time I had a lot of fun, would love to come back again. I will dance next time when I learn them,” said Political Science Instructor Damir Kovacevic.

After a short intermission, the fashion show titled, “India Ka Rang,” showcasing the different colors and garments of the Indian culture.

“I thought it was awesome, I’ve been to India Night for the past four years and this one was definitely my favorite. I had fun being apart of the fashion show, who doesn’t love showing off great outfit?” Said senior Sree Bodepudi.

Following the fashion continued more performances and singing. Toward the end of the night, the audience was introduced to surprise acts performed by BenU professors and instructors. These performances were of traditional and contemporary Indian dances.

“We came in the second half, and the surprise acts were very surprising. I do know most of the teachers and I wasn’t ready. It was a very good surprise,” said seniors Safa Aleem and Wafa Madni.

The night was filled with color, talent and a wide variety of acts and performers.

“The main thing about India Night that stood out to me was the diversity of the participants. Although most of us are Indian, we differ in our religion. Some are Muslim, some are Christian, and of course some are Hindu,” said Moinuddin

“I love that regardless of our differences, we’re all the same through our Indian culture and we were able to embrace that through a beautiful and entertaining show.”