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Co-Stars who hated one another while filming

Wait….they hated one another?!?!?
Tatanisha Wooley

It’s hard to believe when movies are really good that the co-stars didn’t get along. There are some movies where even though the chemistry was excellent the actors hated one another through production.

Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, “The Notebook” – This one may be tough to believe but the co-stars really did hate one another while filming. Ryan went as far as to try and get Rachel fire from the movie. Their chemistry in the movie was electric and it’s why the movie is popular. Luckily Rachel was not fire and once the movie was done they went on to date for three years.

Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio, “Romeo and Juliet”- Playing star cross lovers with Leo was not what Danes wanted. Rumor has it she disliked how Leo would joke around on set and the dislike turn mutual because Leo thought Claire should lighten up. For this I am going to be on Leo’s side because when you are working long hours you want to lighten the mood with jokes.

Lucy Liu and Bill Murray, “Charlie’s Angels” Bill is known around Hollywood for causing problems on set due to his harsh comments. Working on the set of the movie Charlie’s Angels he was no different. He told Lucy that he does not know why she was in the movie because he could not act compared to Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore. During the sequel he was replaced with Bernie Mac.

Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf, “Lawless” I would pay to see this fight, seriously they are both good looking men! Reports have it that they were fighting on and off-screen as well. When asked about it Shia replied, “It was all part of the brotherly bond they were building.” Not your usual excuse but I will give him credit for being creative.

Naya Rivera and Lea Michele, “Glee” Rumors have it the two it girls on the show hated one another on and off set. Rivera didn’t like how Michele had the most solos and was the star of the show. Rumor has it that Michele got Rivera fired from the show and that’s why she was missing from the show. Both women called one another divas to the press.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall, “Sex and the City” The two played loving best friends on the show but that was not the problem off set. The two have been known to clash during filming and call one another names. The drama reported started when Kim learned that Sarah made more money than the rest of the cast. It does make sense that she made more money she was about center around her, the other girls just happened to be apart of it.