The Candor

One Last Action Ride

A Tribute to the Great and Late Paul Walker
Tatanisha Wooley

Photo: Wikipedia
A crippled man’s brother comes back for revenge to hunt down Dom and his family. This sums up what the latest Fast and Furious movie is about. In case you did not see the movie (shame on you for waiting!) I will just give general details. Jason Statham returns as the vengeful older brother who wants revenge on Toretto and his gang for putting his brother in the hospital back in Fast 6. Anyone who goes to see the movie is bittersweet because they know this is Paul’s last movie (sniff…sniff…sniff) I am still upset about this! The movie definitely portrayed him and did him justice I was proud of the movie respected him and his character. The Fast movies are about family and that is exactly what they did. Walker’s younger brothers took over his role as body doubles and when needed CGI was added to put Walker’s face in the scene.

After the installments of Fast 6 the gang was living the life and trying to live “normal lives.” This was easy for Roman and Tej were living the single life and spending their movie. Brian and Mia were taking care of their son, but Brian was the one struggling with normal life, Mia tells her brother, “It’s the bullets that he misses.” The crew thought they had left the criminal life behind but this being the movies means it’s not true! Owen’s brother, Deckard Shaw wants revenge and he tries to kill the crew one by one starting with Han from Tokyo Drift. After that they have a Somalian terrorist named, Jakarde and a government called, “Mr. Nobody” both wanting to take control of a computer terrorism program called God’s Eye. The weapon can potentially can turn any technological device into a weapon. The gang must steal back the program, kill Shaw, and try to return to their normal lives.

Fast 7 sets the stage for amazing fight and action scenes. The movie stays true to their franchise for over the top heart pounding action scenes. There was one scene that involve a plane and cars that practically had my heart pounding. While you knew of the dark cloud that hung over the movie you were able to still enjoy it. Between the action, fight, races, and Roman’s great comedic timing Paul’s lost was barley felt.
Letty was dealing with her amnesia and her complicated feelings for Dom added more personal drama for the movie. Dom, the alpha man, gets emotional and sentimental at times throughout the movie. You felt his anger when he discovered his friend Han had died. While Fast is an action movie at the end of the day the main theme is family because family is what makes you stronger. There were many fight scenes but what I liked the most, were characters never won nor lost any of their fights. With the exception of Hobbs, Brian, Dom, and Letty all had to fight people bigger and better than they were and who was trained in martial arts. Dom had to fight Shaw’s character and you knew he could not win because Dom is a street fighter and Shaw is an international assassin.

Bring tissues for those of you who cry easily (me!) the last five minutes will get you. Regardless of how you feel, you will release some emotions. I won’t say how they set up the scene to say goodbye to Paul’s character so take my word for it when I say it was good. My favorite scene is when Dom is driving away and Brain pulls up alongside him they are both driving the same cars from the first Fast movie. That was the moment where I really lost and I never cried like no other. There was something so touching and heartbreaking about that scene. Wiz Khalifa’s new song, “See you again” was the perfect song to play during the scene. The movie played scenes from pervious movies as Dom had his monologue about good times with family. The two buddies go for a drive and when they reach a fork in the road they each take different routes, implying that Dom is off for adventures and Paul is going back to his family. The screen fades to white and you see “For Paul” appear in black letters. After that scene most of everyone left the movie choke up and in tears. This was the best Fast movie in the series and I cannot wait to see where they take the next movie, which is taking place in New York.