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Men’s Lacrosse Continues Winning Streak

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By: Elana Garay

Men’s lacrosse won another game this past Saturday afternoon against Beloit College. They were successfully able to make a first appearance in the Midwest Lacrosse Conference Tournament.

“This was a huge program win to be able to clinch a playoff spot. We are excited for the rest of the year and playoffs,” said junior Steve Sladek.

Benedictine took the lead by scoring three goals in a row. Junior Andrew Zmijewski scored two of the goal while Junior Eric Orndorf scored one of them. The points then railed between each team. By the end of the first quarter Benedictine had the lead by 5-2.

Freshman Blake Keen scored two consecutive goals with the assist of Junior Orndorf and Freshman David Blanco, one per goal. Beloit scored one goal towards the end of the second quarter. Freshman Blanco was able to score one goal before the second quarter ended which advanced their lead.

Beloit scored a goal around the beginning of the third quarter then Freshman Corbin Gett scored one for Benedictine. At the end of this quarter the score became 9-4.

The points were again back and forth between more teams. Two goals in a row were made by one of each, Junior Zmijewski and Junior Orndorf. Beloit scored four consecutive goals while Benedictine ended the game by adding three more goals for themselves. Freshman Dominic DePinto scored the final goal with a couple seconds remaining, which sealed the seventh win for Benedictine’s men’s lacrosse. The final score became 14-8.

“We are really picking it up as a team. Our offense is putting goals in the back of the net and our defense is managing teams easily,” said DePinto.

The next game for men’s lacrosse will be in Noblesville, Indiana against Hanover College on April 11 at 2 p.m.