The Candor

The Reality of 50 Shades of Grey

By: Akber Khan

Photo: Wikipedia

Recently, a student of University of Illinois at Chicago was accused of sexual assault. It was known that this case was thrown out and he was free, after being held in protective custody. Mohammed Hussain, a 19-year-old biology student was involved in many leadership programs, so when this news hit headlines, many were shocked. According to Chicago Tribune, he was an ambassador to the alumni association and was on the triathlon team as well. Once Hussain was arrested, social media sites like Facebook, twitter, and local news stations were all covering this story; his mugshot was shared everywhere ostracizing him as the infamous UIC rapist.

Now, I know this may sound like any other normal day case, but the kicker is that prosecutors say that Hussain was re-enacting scenes from the popular book and film, Fifty Shades of Grey. Prosecutors say Hussain had asked the woman if she had wanted to do something dangerous, she agreed, and he sexually assaulted her. This was however all denied by the defendant and was stated to be completely consensual. Multiple outrages and cheers have been voiced since the case was dropped.

Feminist speakers have been voicing their disapproval through social media. Students from our own university have a different opinion and agree with the case being dropped.

“I’m glad he’s free, I didn’t believe in the charges that were brought up against Mohammed, he seemed like a nice kid involved in his community,” said BenU student, Zubair Tariq.

Another student, Mohammed Mohsin disagrees with the charges saying “I don’t believe him for a second, he has ruined the image of Muslim students across the country and has just added onto the multiple stereotypes we receive as a religion and community.”

Muslims students and the student body alike have been disputing amongst themselves trying to justify or denounce Hussain’s alleged actions. Whatever people may think, at the end of the day the judge declared Mohammed Hussain innocent, and the young man can finally carry on with the rest of his life after this whole ordeal.