The Hot One Left

Zayn Malik Announces his Departure from One Direction
Tatanisha Wooley

UntitledPanic and tears were heard around the world from girls as Zayn Malik announce he was leaving One Direction Wednesday morning. Can we all just have moment of silence for two minutes? OK, now that we all finished crying or at least have somewhat processed the news, we can talk about what happened and why he would make such decision. The hottest, best singer, and my favorite member will no longer be part of the group that made him famous. The band will continue as a foursome and do not have plans to replace him because you cannot replace perfection.

When the news came out everyone was in denial because how could Zayn leave? I refused to believe the news he came out with his statement on E! News. Soon social media was all about the 22 year old announcement and One Direction was soon trending on Twitter. Buzzfeed posted an article with fan’s reaction to the tragic news. The girls were crying to in the middle of their class. The news is hard to take when you think about the fact his voice will never be in future songs.

Zayn is leaving for good reasons because he wants to live a normal life. Although fans are mad and blaming his fiancé Perrie Edwards of Little Mix’s fame they must remember that Zayn was always the shy one in the group. He was never ok with the fame he just accepted it because that is what comes with being famous. Zayn has said in many interviews that he doesn’t get why people feel the need to chase him and invade in his life. I get people are mad because he left the tour to be with Perrie, if they remember he left because photos of him holding a girl’s hand, who was NOT Perrie were released. I don’t like saying anything bad about Zayn because I think he is perfect and is a blessed child but why was he holding hands with a girl who is not his fiancé? I’m just going to leave it at that because I don’t like the bad thoughts that came in my head.

Zayn was easily everyone’s favorite. He was the shy, misunderstood, resident bad boy of the group. Also those eyes of his! They were so soulful and you knew that he was putting his heart into every note he sang. I have other favorites like Liam and Louis but at the end of the day it was Zayn who held my heart. Zayn just had a beautiful voice and he was so caring for his fans. He took the time to reach out to fans, so it’s sad he will be longer be sharing his beautiful tone. When he sang I was tuned to every note and he commanded the scene in their videos.

Zayn was meant to be a singer but sadly he could not cope with the media constantly being an unwanted factor in his life. I truly believe that he made the right decision because he was looking out for himself and not putting money, fans, or the group before himself. He was being selfless and I applaud him for this. I think of decision like this, had he stayed in the group he would have been unhappy and could have turn to drugs to cope with the emotions and could have been in danger. There I wrote it and it is hard to see those words but that could have been his future. Imagine how everyone had this been the outcome so the next time you get mad this think about this.

The remaining boys will have to cope with losing the best voice in their group and go on making music. With Zayn leaving Niall and Louis can be given more parts to sing because we all know they do not get as many solo parts compared to Liam, Harry, and Zayn. Listening to the new album will be hard and watching the videos will be hard but there are still four previous albums and countless videos to have your Zayn fix. Well, I’m going to go and listen to One Direction songs and listen to only Zayn’s parts on repeat. Maybe, I’ll make a CD with just his parts, so I’ll have a collect of the beauty passing through my ears.