The Candor

Movie Clichés-That are over played?

Tatanisha Wooley

Have you ever watched a movie and thought something along the lines of, “Wow, these people are so dumb. if I was in the movie I would have done….” “Why is it everytime a character manages to get to the plane right before it takes off?” or “Why do they split up? Don’t they know how dumb that is?” if these are your thought than you aren’t the only one. I have seen plenty of movies and thought wow these people get into situations that would never happened in real life. Movies have used clichés because they are expected and it drags out the plot. Here are more cliché movie scenes that needs to stop.

  1. The guy or girl magically manages to make it to the airport before takeoff- This can never happened in real life since there’s stuff like traffic or airport security.
  2. A villain will usually commit murder in front of a window if someone is watching with binoculars- As if a real murderer will be dumb enough to murder someone in plain sight.
  3. Nerds in school will most likely be shoved into a locker- This is so wrong; most movies portray high school as either this paradise or the worst four years of your life. Most schools don’t have lockers big enough to fit someone into!
  4. Smokers in movies tend to only smoke when there is a romantic prospect they see or the scene is really dramatic- Most people smoke just to smoke.
  5. Why is it when there is a bomb the hero magically manages to defuse it when there is one second left?- The hero takes all that time to figured it out and when there is one second left he manages to figured it out.
  6. People never looks at the road while driving, they are too busy looking or talking to the passenger- In real life they would have been in a car accident and die. When I watch a movie I’m thinking, look at the road sir! There have been movies where the people never look at the road but they managed to swerve in just enough time to miss the truck that’s coming toward them.
  7. People being chased will do one of the following things; fall, run upstairs, run in the middle of the road (if it’s a car chase), yell out, “Anybody home” or split up- People are just really dumb in movies.
  8. People in movies never seem to make mistake while typing-Just writing this sentence alone I made a typing error in almost every word! I wish I could be as perfect as they are.
  9. People who die managed to get out these great speeches- You would not be able to understand someone let alone have them give this amazing speech. Usually their dying speech is their best lines in the movie. If I was the hero I would be like, “Where was this speech before you died? Why do you wait until the last dying breath to get this out!”
  10. Women can run in whatever footwear they happened to be wearing- excuse me, have you tried wearing heels it’s not fun and definitely not easy. Heels are a pain already just to walk in normally. Women would have broken their ankles trying to run 5-inch heels! I can barely walk on my own two feet me running in heels will be the death of me.