By: Elana Garay

Men’s lacrosse won their fifth game in a row against Southwest University last Friday evening.
“Headed into the game we knew it had to be all about us. How we started and played throughout the game. We had to execute what we knew how to do and the rest would fall into place,” said Lacrosse head coach Jason Farrell.
Junior Eric Orndorf, with the assist of freshman Corbin Gett, started the lead for Benedictine in the first quarter. Southwest then tied the score with Benedictine, the score of 1-1. Benedictine proceeded to score two more goals before the first quarter ended. The two goals were made by freshman Tony DePinto and Gett, with the assist of Tony DePinto.
“Our defense picked it up from the last few games and everybody seemed to be on the same page,” said freshman Dominic DePinto.
Benedictine continued their lead in the second quarter with a goal made by freshman David Blanco, with the assist of Orndorf. Benedictine made two more goals until Southwest could make another goal. Tony DePinto made a goal towards the end of the second quarter. The score by the end of the second quarter was 8-2.
Benedictine again continued their lead by starting off with a goal, which was made by Orndorf, with the assist of Freshman Dominic DePinto, seven minutes into the third quarter. Goals went back and forth between the two teams. Southwest followed behind Benedictine with points. Southwest managed to score two goals while Benedictine advanced with two more goals. The score for the third quarter became 11-4.
“Great team win. Exciting to see our tearm fine tuning the offense and playing with swagger on the defensive end heading into conference play,” said junior Steve Sladek.
Benedictine made two goals in a row around the start of the last quarter, which sealed their win for the game. Orndorf, made the goals with the assist of junior Andrew Zmijewski and Gett, with the assist of Zmijewski. Southwest made another goal in the middle of the last quarter of the game. The final score for this game became 13-5.
“I think that we did exactly what we needed to do in all areas of the game in order to come away with a clean victory. Lot’s of guys saw playing time and continued to play within our style which was good to see,” said Farrell.
Men’s Lacrosse will have another game on campus on April 4 at 1 p.m. against Beloit College.