The Candor

How to Make It Through The Rest of the School Year

By: Jessica Buettner

As students begin to realize that it’s less than two months before the school year comes to an end, they begin to get into serious mode so they can finish the work they need to so the year can truly be complete. This means getting assignments in on time, studying extra hard for the upcoming tests, and making time to organize papers. Some people may have trouble trying to do so because of time management skills or having the encouragement to actually get the amounts of work done on time. These are some tips that can be used in order for people to get work done and stay focused until the end.

Keep a Calendar
Having a calendar around makes it easy for someone to write down when certain things take place for them during the week. Whether it would be due dates for upcoming school assignments or meetings for a certain club, it will be a visual reminder for when things are coming up. You can either have it on your computer or on a physical calendar hanging up on your wall.

Set Aside Just Enough Time for Studying
As the end of year comes closer and closer, that means that finals are coming up in more than a month. Even though you may not know what’s going to be on the tests, it’s good to set aside some time to review the things that you have learned in each one of the classes you attend. One may do this by reviewing their notes with a highlighter and/or a pen to jot down or mark any important information based on the other notes.

Take a Break When Needed
No one likes the idea of cramming study time all into one session because it makes the brain and body feel tired. It’s good to take frequent breaks so you can relax your mind for a quick minute before getting your head back in the game. One may do this by going to the gym for a quick workout or catching up with some friends around campus for some fun time.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help
Having someone alongside a student in order to give them full assistance isn’t a bad thing to do at all. If they appear to be struggling on an assignment or if they need clarification on what to do, they can either go to the professor or a fellow classmate. A student can also go to a tutor who are always available in the student success center and there is pretty much one for every subject.

Find Some Motivation to Keep You Going
Sometimes, a person may put off an assignment because they probably don’t want to do it at the moment. The fact is the more someone puts off an assignment, the less they become motivated to actually do the assignment. A person can think of what can become if they choose to do the certain assignment as soon as they possibly can. Whether it would be getting the grade that they ultimately want to get in the class or completing the year well, motivation is the key to getting things done right.