The Candor

College Of Business Building Update

by Karly Sacco

Benedictine University is anticipating the finished construction of the new College Of Business building, as the day for it to be finalized is getting closer. The BenU community is preparing for the completion date that is scheduled to be by the fall of 2015.

“I think it’s coming along nicely. They have really made a lot of improvements in such a small period of time. It’s exciting to see it all come together. I wish I wasn’t graduating so I could have some classes there in the fall,” said senior Marcus Williams.

The students of Benedictine University spoke out on how they feel about the progress of the new building.

“The new building looks amazing! I cannot believe the progress that has been made! It’s nice to see how well they are building up the campus,” said senior Therese Porod.

According to the Benedictine University website, Charles Gregory, Executive Vice President at BenU said that the university wants to improve the students college experience and for them to grow as students and as people.

The senior’s of BenU will not be able to experience what the new building has to offer, but they will be able to come back once it is opened to walk in what they have been watching being built over the past few semesters.

“I think that the progress of BenU’s new business building is coming along beautifully, said BenU senior Amber Johnson.

The construction of the building continues to be a problem for some students.

“The new business building is coming along really well. It looks so great! I’m definitely going to come back next year to visit it. I just hope construction is almost done because it’s annoying to walk around all the time,” said BenU senior Sarah Ray.

According to the Benedictine University website, the building will include a 600-seat auditorium, which will be the first one of that size at BenU.

The BenU community is satisfied by how fast the building’s construction is coming along.

“It’s amazing how quick the new building is coming along, it becomes nicer and nicer by each passing day,” said BenU junior Reem Ibrahim.