The Candor

Thomas Hall Burglary

By Karly Sacco


Photo credit: Sara Haque

A home invasion burglary occurred in Thomas Hall on March 24 around 2:30 a.m. in Founders’ Woods according to a campus wide email sent by Benedictine University Police.

“It was reported that four people dressed in dark clothing and Halloween masks got into a red car and drove away after coming from a room in Thomas Hall,” said Chief of Police at Benedictine University, Michael Salatino.

Approximately $500 worth of cash and jewelry was taken from the Thomas Hall room, and a quantity of marijuana was discovered outside near the room during investigation.

“Drugs were located outside the apartment, which have been linked to a resident,” said Salatino.

According to an email sent by Benedictine University Police, the home invasion took place while two residents were sleeping and two residents were out getting food.

“The resident’s couch had been turned up on its end and jammed into the wall so that the two residents sleeping could not exit the bedroom,” said Salatino.

One resident still needs to be interviewed for the investigation process.

“I can say that I never have seen or heard of a burglary this severe in the past 10 years here at Benedictine,” said Salatino.

Investigation is still active for this burglary as BenU police are working with local police to help solve this crime.

“Benedictine University students need to know they should not be afraid to contact BenU police immediately when they feel that they are in any danger,” said Salatino.

BenU students have mixed reactions about the home invasion.

“When I heard about the break in at 5:30 a.m. I was very scared to walk to practice and I did not feel safe. I was very worried to hear it was my friend’s apartment, and was relieved to hear they are okay,” said junior Morgan Spiegel.

Other students feel there could be changes made to prevent crimes like this from happening again.

“I feel unsafe knowing that no one told us an apartment was broken into and I feel that break-ins happen due to poor lighting in hallways and by half the windows not locking. Including my own that is yet to be fixed,” said junior Taylor Mikutis.

“Anyone with any information, anyone that has heard or seen anything, we encourage them to speak out,” said Salatino.


Elizabeth Welz contributed to this story