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Dating in the 21st Century

Tatanisha Wooley


Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Today, dating can be hard, now with technology and social media, dating can be either super easy or difficult depending on how you look at the situation. In the good old times, men and women would wait patiently by the phone for the guy or girl to call them. There was the three-day rule; you know after a date you weren’t to call until three days because you did not want to come off as desperate or thirsty.

Nowadays, you can Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. stalk someone who has not texted you back. Speaking of texting, that is how most dates (and sadly most breakups) are done. What happened to romance where the guy would shyly asked out the girl face-to-face? Maybe, I have watch The Notebook or Titanic way too many times. I owned both movies on DVD, watch them both on Netflix just because they were there, and whenever they play on TV I’m there watching as Noah built Allie her dream home and Jack tells Rose “You jump I jump” Just talking about these two movies makes me want to back and rewatch them again but I’m getting off topic.

At the turn of the century dating has become harder, people text on the phone instead of spending time to pick up the phone and calling. I get it, I personally prefer texting because calling can be awkward when you fall into the moment and no one is talking. At least with texting you cannot text back until you thought of a new topic. Some people do not go on dates instead dating is a group of friends getting together and people breaking off. Group dating can be less stressful because you have friends there to back you up when you need them.

There are many ways to meet single people of you have not luck. One way is speed dating; I do not know how successful speed dating can be, if your only getting to know that person for a couple of minutes but it a popular way to meet lots of single people in one place.

Perhaps, the most popular way is through the endless dating sites. There are plenty of dating sites that are geared to what you are looking for. Online dating can be successful if done right, my friend met her current fiancé through online dating. Cat fishing someone has become popular because are afraid to show who they are. Don’t always believe what you read on someone’s personal page and if you agree to meet them stick to public places and drive separately. You do not want to the person knowing where you live until you decided you want to get to know them better.

I have heard of virtual dating but I don’t how popular that can be since you are essential dating through the use of avatars. Nowadays, dating can be confusing and as easy as online shopping because you think about it isn’t that what you are doing, shopping for the perfect significant other?