The Candor

A Classic Fairytale Brought to Life Once Again

by: Jessica Buettner


Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The classic fairytale of Cinderella has been brought to life by the Disney film company and it includes real life people. There were many similarities to the 1950 animated picture while there were a few differences here and there. Based on what the filmmakers have done to bring this classic tale to life, I think this film really does make the original animated movie seem a bit old.

The movie starts by telling the audience the backstory of Cinderella’s father and mother who die in the beginning of the animated film. The movie showed how close they meant to Cinderella and the time that they spent together while they were both still alive.

It then continues on to reveal how Cinderella got her name since her original name was just Ella. Her stepmother makes her move into the attic so the stepsisters, Anastasia and Drizella can be in her original room. Since Ella is seen with cinder and ashes from doing all of the hard work, they all start to call her Cinderella. Whilst doing all of the work around the house, Cinderella makes friends with the mice that live in the attic with her. Another major difference that is shown in the new version is that Cinderella and the Prince meet before the ball takes place and they seem to be really attracted to each other.

Eventually, the Fairy Godmother shows up to help Cinderella prepare for the grand ball so she can meet the Prince once more. The camera crew definitely showed a more grand transformation of Cinderella and they show more close up shots of the dress and the glass slippers to show the beautiful details of it all.

The ball room scene is fairly better as they show more interaction between the Prince and Cinderella so their love for each other can grow even stronger. When the clock was striking 12 and everything was going back to normal, it was more in detail as things took more time to be brought back to the way it was before.

A new detail that occurred in the new film is that Lady Tremaine was secretly working with the Duke to make sure that she gets what she wants in the end. The Duke makes the deal that as long as she keeps Cinderella away from the real court to stop her from revealing her true identity to the Prince.

When the royal court searches far and wide for the girl who fits in the glass slipper that the Prince finds on the staircase, they eventually reach Cinderella’s house and the stepsisters try the shoe on. The mice do help Cinderella get out of her locked room by opening a window so the royal court can hear her sing instead of stealing the key from the stepmother. Cinderella is revealed to have the shoe fit her perfectly and she is the right match for the Prince. They run back to the palace and get married while the stepsisters, stepmother, and the royal Duke are banished from the kingdom.

Overall, I would give the movie a nine out of ten because there were things that gave the movie more meaning than the animated feature. There were more details provided about the backstory of Cinderella’s parents, and better shots of the transformation into Cinderella’s new dress provided by the Fairy Godmother. Since the Prince and Cinderella met before the ball took place, this made them fall in love with each other even more than how their love was played out in the 1950 edition. It kept my interest the entire time and I would recommend it to anyone who is a true Disney fan at heart.