The Candor

The Bullying Ends Now

By: Zeba Haseeb

Life of a typical middle school or high school student has changed a lot since we have been there. So much more technology used in ways we never even thought about back then. It’s interesting to see how these young teens are using it as well. Some go on to create new and cool gadgets or apps for phones while others just see it as a new tactic to pick on someone. Cyberbullying has become an obsession with this new generation that has cost the lives and happiness of many.
All kinds of new social media websites are being used like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, Snap Chat, Yik Yak and many more. People post pictures and thoughts of each other daily and with those pictures comes a number of comments for all to read. The new craze with the young society is basically posting any opinion they have on social media and sharing it with the world. Before a diary would suffice to express feelings, but these days everything is posted online. There is no privacy anymore when it comes to thoughts; especially negative ones you have of others.
The act of “trolling” is so common now that people don’t find it to an offensive act anymore. Yes, friends do it all the time, but when do you draw the line where it just gets to be too much? The constant bashing on someone over and over again on social media just gets more people to continue the hurtful thoughts and yes this is one kind of bullying.
Just because it isn’t happening in person and someone isn’t being physically hurt does not mean that it’s any less demeaning. The constant comments on people’s Facebook statuses, and pages, or Instagram photos means a great deal that affects many people in different ways. It is important to understand that we are not all the same. Some of us take those words more literally than others and it is vital to understand where to draw the line.
Calling a person provocative names on social media for the whole world to see and making fun of them constantly while others add on to it has become one of the worst types of bullying today. It is causing teenagers to actually go to the lengths of committing suicide as we all know. There have been many cases that have been shared about these acts occurring.
Who cares if someone is different looking, or thinks a certain way, or prefers a certain sex orientation? What is it to the rest of the world why this one individual is living their life to make themselves happy? Tolerance is the key component for peace in this day and age and we all need to make sure that the acts of bullying of any kind needs to end now.