The Candor

Men’s Volleyball Defeats Rivier

By: Elana Garay

Men’s volleyball won against Rivier University this past Saturday afternoon on the road. River University is ranked as number 12 in the country.
“We came out really strong and stayed consistent throughout the match, which is what won us the game,” said freshman Jake Moran.
Benedictine had the lead in the first set and did not let the other team outscore them. Points went back and forth for both teams until Freshman Zach Loeding made a kill and Rivier made an error. These advantages of two points lead to the score of 26-24.
Rivier had the lead in the following set but Benedictine eventually caught up to their opponent by tying at 21 points. Rivier made some attack errors while Freshman Sterling Glover made some kills that lead to the score of 26-24.
Rivier, again, had the lead at the start of the last set but tied at 9 with Benedictine. Points were traded between both teams until they tied again at 20. Both teams scored two points. Freshmen Eric Tarnow and Loeding made one kill each along with another attack error made by Rivier. The final score for this set became 25-23.
Freshman Glover made 13 kills while Freshman Tarnow made eight kills. Freshman Markus Riemer made 28 assists, four digs and five block assists while Freshman Loeding had five kills and nine block assists.
“Men’s volleyball team is looking really well for their first season at BU. I hope they stay strong during the rest of their season,” said Mike Krueger.
The next game for Benedictine’s men’s volleyball will be playing against Loras College on March 11 at 7 p.m. on campus in the Rice Center.