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Empowering Benedictine Women

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by Tatanisha Wooley

Benedictine University hosted an event for The Women’s Leadership Series on Wednesday, March 5 at 6:30 p.m. in Founders’ Woods Clubhouse.

BenU Junior, Katie Roe started The Women’s Leadership Series because she is an Arthur J. Schmitt Scholar and one of the requirements of the scholarship is to do a yearlong service project.
She chose to do the leadership series after being inspired from her conference over the summer and was selected to go represent Benedictine University in Washington, DC for the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL).

“The American Association of University Women (AAUW) is a grassroots organization that was started back in 1881 with one goal, to empower women as individuals and improve women’s lives as well as their families,” said Roe.

The event was a mix of discussion games, along with informational videos.

Attendees started by introducing themselves and answering questions on a beach ball as an icebreaker. This was a way for everyone to get to know one another before discussing the various topics of the night.

“We all got to learn more about each other and who we would be taking this journey with. Even if a few questions were repeated multiple times,” said Roe.

The video, “Labels Against Women,” was then played after the icebreaker, which described the various stereotypical adjectives men and women face throughout their lives.

The words included, men-neat, women-vain, men-boss, women-bossy, men-dedicated, women-selfish, men-persuasive, women-pushy, men-smooth, and women-showoff.

“The words “dedicated” and “selfish” stuck out to me from the video, because it was showing that if a man worked hard he was dedicated, but if a women did she was selfish and I do not think this is correct. The video was meant as a way to show people that these perspectives are out there even in today’s world,” said Roe.

Students then were divided into two groups; one side representing women and the other men, the object of the game was to earn achievements by correctly answering the 3 Trivia questions correctly.

It appeared that the “women” were winning until it was announced that the winners were the “men.” The game was rigged from the beginning and the women had no chance to win. Ten dollars was taken away every time the women answered correctly and give the men ten thousand. The object of the game was to show that no matter how hard a woman works, she will be not be equal to a man and there will be roadblocks that can happened to prevent women from achieving status.

“The game Life had taught me how life really works and how messed up society is and what men and women make according to one another,” said BenU junior, Erica Robinson.

The motivation to start the leadership came from what other college women leaders were doing at their campuses and within leadership positions.

“Benedictine needed a club and Leadership that helps elevate women and give them a chance to speak up about living in today’s society,” said Roe.

“I truly enjoyed the feeling of being around like minded women and feeling empowered in everything we did, I wanted to bring that feeling back and share with others on our campus.”

To get involved, WLS will be having meetings every Wednesday in Founders’ Woods Clubhouse at 6:30 p.m.