by: Jessica Buettner

One of the major issues that goes on in schools is how people choose to bully one another. Whether it

Photo Credit:  Wiki
Photo Credit: Wiki

be with physical actions, rumors and lies that spread around like wildfire, or with online actions. Bullying can affect all different types of people. It seems that people know that it’s an issue, but it never becomes noticeable for those who are walking the halls of the school. There have been different movies made where teenagers deal with the problems that involve bullying and how they try to deal with it. This seems to affect teenagers in one way or another because of the main message the films provide and how they show the characters dealing with bullying.

Odd Girl Out

This movie tells the story of Vanessa, a girl who seems to have the good life with her friends and mother beside her. When Vanessa talks to a guy that one of her friends like, the hate spread begins and they all begin to turn against her. With mean words, online posts, and actions of ignorance, the bullying seems to get Vanessa so bad that she almost kills herself. However, she finds a way to stand up to herself from the pressures that the bullies have given her and find a better friend who accepts her for who she is.


This movie takes the whole topic of bullying and moves it into the world of the Internet. When Taylor joins an online social media site and her younger brother hacks into her account, the mean comments start to spread around. She tries to tell her friends and family that all of the lies aren’t true, but it seems that the rumors spread around on the Internet are more important than the truth. Taylor tries to commit suicide, but she takes the bullying as a way to teach herself how to stand up to her cyberbullies who has been causing her trouble from the beginning.

Chrissa Stands Strong

This film is about a young girl named Chrissa who moves into a new town with her family. This means going to a new school and trying to make some new friends while trying to take a stand against the bullies. There is a group of girls who see her as being very different than them and they start to make fun of her in the halls and online. With a few good friends standing side by side, they have the power to spread the message across that bullying isn’t a good thing to spread around the school.

With these movies and more being made, there seems to be a main message behind the production of these films. The film companies want to show viewers that bullying can happen to anyone, and it can even go unnoticeable. They are being made to show people that the situation is real and that it needs to be dealt with as soon as it possibly can. At one point or another, people experience some form of bullying, whether it’ll be physical, verbal, or online. The films give away the sign that there is always hope for those who are experiencing a lack of self-confidence because of the bullying incidents that take place. If a person has good people by his/her side to give them support and to help them out, then they will be able to have the power to stand up to those who try to bring them down. When people come together to spread a powerful message to those around them, they shall be able to gain the power to do anything and to take over any challenge that lies in their paths.