Batman vs Superman

By: Akber Khan

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The moment every single comic book geek and superhero movie enthusiast have been waiting for is almost here; Batman vs Superman has a release date. According to IMDB, the scheduled release is due for March 25th 2016. After recent success of the Dark Knight franchise as well with Man of Steel, it’s no wonder DC wants to capitalize and try to take out rival comic book studio Marvel.
The official cast of Batman vs Superman has just been revealed to the public, and has been drawing much heat from the fans. As everyone knows this point Christian Bale will not be returning to play Batman. Bale, possibly the greatest actor to portray Batman ever, decided it was time to continue his career elsewhere and close the book on the caped crusader chapter of his life. However, DC has picked a new Batman, and that man is Ben Affleck. Affleck, a two time Academy Award winner is no stranger to portraying tough character roles, and Batman will be the toughest role Affleck will ever have. Following the most amazing trilogy to have ever hit the screen where Christian Bale played the most epic superhero of all time, he will have a tough act to follow.

Female fans can rejoice as well; Wonder Woman has been announced as a character and is set to be portrayed by actress Gal Gordat according to Cinema Blend. But the good news doesn’t stop just there, fish lovers can celebrate as well because Aquaman has been tossed into the mix. Yes, the protector of the oceans finally makes an appearance and actor Jason Mamoa, who recently played Khal Dragoe in the HBO award winning series Game of Thrones. Although a synopsis has not been revealed for the movie yet, fans already know that there will be some tension between the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight and will ultimately become allies to form the justice league. The main villain has been revealed to be none other than sociopathic genius billionaire Lex Luthor, portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg, which is a questionable pick for an ultimate supervillain. And let’s not forget the memorable Joker who will be portrayed by academy award winner Jared Leto, a crowd favorite. With the cast finally being finalized, more information about this Mega Blockbuster will be revealed soon. The year of 2016 will be a year fans remember as the year the greatest super hero movie came out; well let’s hope so.