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Backwards Thinking

By: Hashim Arain

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Over the past couple weeks there has been controversy in India over a rape case of a young woman that happened in New Delhi. According to the New York Times in 2012, the woman was raped on a bus by a group of men; they took her to the back of the bus and starting beating her with an iron rod. The NY Times also reports that the woman died two weeks later because of the severe injuries on her body.


In the recent years and months since this brutal rape there has been a public outcry all across India, which has inspired the public to spread awareness about this horrible case. According to CBS News, ever since this rape occurred, India’s lawmakers were quick to pass legislation on doubling prison sentences for rapists, as well as banning the stalking of woman. CBS News also notes that one of the men, who were accused of raping the woman, claimed that the rape wouldn’t have happened if she didn’t fight back. He continued on saying that women should not be out at night or dress the way they dress which causes rape to happen.


These comments by the driver of the bus where the rape occurred have been a source of controversy over recent days. This comment by him is baffling, preposterous, and absurd. According to CNN, there’s a documentary by BBC News that shows the bus driver Mukesh Singh saying these controversial comments, and also adding that girls shouldn’t be allowed out late at night, and that they should mostly stay home.


CNN goes on to report that an Indian court banned the viewing of the interview with Singh and that one attorney claimed that Singh shouldn’t have made those comments in the first place. I’m just appalled at not only what Singh and those men did to that woman, but by the way he acted when questioned about the rape. Singh didn’t even sound like he was apologetic, he was basically lecturing about what girls should be doing, and wearing which is ridiculous.


This form of backwards thinking by Singh is unacceptable, woman should do whatever they want, and wear whatever they want without a man’s approval. CNN also reports that one senior Indian Supreme Court lawyer said that Singh’s comments just have might a strong case to receive a death sentence. CNN reports that the nature of his comments is probably why he will receive a death sentence, he just did not feel sorry for what he did.


I think that Singh should receive the death penalty, because of the vile act that he did, and the mind boggling comments that he made to the press about the rape. There’s no place in society and the world for thinking like that, Singh should pay the price for this. Hopefully the backlash that this case started with will continue, and will help raise awareness of the dangers of gang raping. There seems to still be a movement that is alive and well.


Let’s hope that this movement continues to grow, and that nothing like this rape case ever happens again in our lifetimes.