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BenU Welcomes Back One Light Self Defense

by Karly Sacco



Photo credit: Karly Sacco

Benedictine University hosted the One Light Self Defense workshop in the Krasa ABC room on February 25. The Benedictine community has invited the self-defense group to come and demonstrate an interactive event for female students.

“There are a group of four or six of us that have been doing self defense group shops for a while,” said One Light Self Defense group member, Jeanette Brook. “We are local but we started actually in Kenya, working in the poor slums in Nairobi and we found the same need in the United States.”

The members of One Light travel to different locations to help teach people.

“We started based out of our church, and then people found out and became part of our team, and we just go by word out of mouth wherever people need us. We are mobile,” said Brook.

The group members focus on certain areas depending on where they go to teach.

“What is unique with college students is the dating experience so we have to do a little more with that so we help them understand that reporting rapes is so significant,” said Brook.

Members of the BenU community feel it is important to have self-defense workshops.

“One-Light Self-Defense workshop benefits our community by empowering women with the knowledge and tools they will need to defend themselves in the event of an attack, said the Office Assistant of Campus Ministry at Benedictine University, Maureen Romero.

“Too often, they become the victim because they don’t know how to get out of that kind of situation.  This workshop taught ladies how to avoid those situations all together by using situational awareness.”

Female students at BenU joined in on the workshop.

“I wanted to come to this self defense class because it sounded like a great opportunity for me to learn how to really protect myself,” said Benedictine University junior, Sabrina Khan.

“This is the first time I am coming to a self defense class at Benedictine. I heard about it from my classmates and friends and other people I know are here so I thought it would be fun,” said Khan. I am pretty opened minded about this event, and I am hoping I can learn some moves that will be useful.”

One Light Self Defense has changed the lives of some people in need of help.

“We have become so aware that there are more victims at every workshop that we have never known about. I always discover that there’s at least one or two that have been through it and that have never said anything and have been silent,” said Brook.

The members of One Light teach more than self-defense moves and how to get out of difficult situations.

“We see healing coming out of the workshops, we see people coming out feeling empowered, and feeling better,” said Brook.

The Benedictine University community plans on having events like this in the future.

“I believe that every woman can benefit from this program and by offering it twice a year, I hope it will increase the amount of ladies who able to attend.  Whether someone has been through a self-defense workshop before or not, it will still be helpful to go as many times as it is offered. I look at it like this; in the same way we need to be recertified for CPR, we need to be refreshed in our knowledge and tools of self-defense,” said Romero.