The Hardest choices you have to make in your life
By: Tatanisha Wooley

Photo Credit: Wikipedia
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

In your lifetime you have to make tough decisions such as what to do after you graduate from college. That question is minimal compared to the truly tough questions in the world. There are questions in this world that can end friendships if either friends make the wrong decision. I am here to settle of the tough questions most still don’t know which side to talk.

N’SYNC VS. BACKSTREET BOYS– this will forever be the hardest boy band dilemma a young 90’s girl will have to face. After all, you cannot play Switzerland there must be a side to pick. N’SYNC does have Justin Timberlake, who has proven he does not need his former group. If you watch that “reunion” at the MTV Video Music Awards you saw the truth. Backstreet Boys have solidified their rank in history by having one of the greatest songs in history, “I Want It That Way.” They are also still together because true boy bands never break up! BSB has 3 lead singers compared to the 2 and eventually 1 lead singer NYSNC had.



DISNEY VS. NICKELODEON– Growing up, there was no two greater channels for kid-friendly shows then these two networks. Both networks have made shows that many students talk about ‘till this day. The difference being that all of Nickelodeon original shows are on Nick. Disney’s best shows exist outside of Disney such as Boy Meets World and Smart Guy. Disney does have their Original Channel Movies, Raven, Miley, and Hilary. Amanda, Keenan and Kel, and Ariana Grande are all Nick stars.


* Hard to pick an answer as Nick did rule the 90’s while Disney dominated the early 00’s*


BRITNEY SPEARS VS. CHRISTINA AGUILERA– The All American Girl vs. The Extremely Talented Artist. Britney ruled the 90’s although Christina tried her best outstage the pop star, but it did not work. Christina may be the better singer but Brit-Brit knows a hit and that is where X-Tina cannot win. You can make an entire playlist just off Britney’s hits! Both were judges on hugely popular shows although X-Tina is still a judge on her show. Both were mocked in an Eminem song and got their start on Disney. Britney dated Justin Timberlake and when they broke up he wrote, “Cry Me a River.” Christina marry some guy no one knows. Both did kiss Madonna but let’s be honest does anyone remember X-Tina, everyone talks as if it was only Brit and Madonna on the stage.



HARRY POTTER VS. LORD OF THE RINGS– The boy who lived and the boy who embarked on a dangerous mission. I grew up watching and reading the Harry Potter series while LOTR didn’t make its way into my life until 2 years ago. Both have awesome mentors who would not like to have a Gandalf or Dumbledore in their life! Sauron and Lord Voldemort are two of the greatest villains although the Death Eaters are scary, I would not want to get on their bad side! When it comes to movie adaptions LOTR will win they had OSCAR nominations and wins. There are huge plot points missing from Harry Potter, but they are still great movies. Books goes to Harry Potter, the series is enjoyable to read. LOTR is too descriptive, there are so many ways to describe a tree.


*It did get kids to read*

IPHONE VS. ANDROID- Friends of either phone will debate as to who has the better phone. When an Android phone is dying you can remove the back and replace it with a new battery rather than charge it. Can an IPhone do this? No, you better remember to leave your house with either your charger or a full battery. You can charge an Android with any USB cable. Camera wise IPhone takes better photos Android should fix their camera. You can store more pics or videos thanks to the built in SD Card. Ask Jennifer Lawrence, can you really trust the iCloud? IPhone does have Facetime and ITunes while Android has Google Play. You can also customize Android phones too how you like your apps or wallpaper. IPhones are smaller and you can hide them when texting in class. Last argument, there are many different Android phones out there compared to the so few iPhones.