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Spider man swinging back to Marvel

By: Akber Khan

Yes, that’s right! Everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood superhero has returned to the beloved Marvel universe to join part in the Avengers initiative. Since the rebirth of super hero movies as of late, Spider-man was excluded from Marvel films since the company sold the rights in 1985 swinging through various companies when finally landing a place at Sony Pictures. However, since the arrival of the mega-blockbusters such as The Avengers, Sony has worked out a deal with Marvel letting old Spidey return home once again.

Unfortunately, actor Andrew Garfield, who recently played Peter Parker in the last two films, is not returning to portray Peter Parker in the new reboot of Spiderman; thus causing casual fans and nerds, including myself to be in a state of distress. That leaves the question, who can fill Garfield’s shoes? Well Marvel might have the answer as rising teen wolf star Dylan O’Bryan has been taken into serious consideration according to the Franchise Herald.

The twenty-three year old recently starred in Maze runner, and received many positive reviews for his role. Other possible candidates include Joseph Gordon Levitt, who Marvel has been eying for a while now. Also being seriously considered for the part is Peter Quill of Guardians of the Galaxy. Spider man is to be featured in the Marvel film, Captain America Civil War. Marvel Comics explains, that the plot originally based off of a comic book story deals with Captain America facing off with Iron Man, trying to determine the future of superheroes everywhere, with Spiderman playing a crucial role in the deciding victor.

Photo credit: Google Images

The story has many fans around the globe in a buzz, since this would mean The Avengers initiative would be a failed project in the eyes of America. Marvel already releasing multiple movies throughout the course of the year is expected to remain on-top of the movie industry. Some may argue that rival company DC, makers of the Batman trilogy and Superman films; have a much higher quality and better critical reception. The fact of the matter is, Marvel releases many more movies and has a much higher budget rates, and will stand on top of the movie industry for many years to come. The addition of the web slinger will only add onto the accolades and revenue Marvel is awaiting to reap in!