The Candor

Fempower at BenU

by Karly Sacco

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One of Benedictine University’s new organizations called Fempower hosted their first event on February 17 in the Krasa Presentation Room.

According to the Facebook page, “Fempower is a student organization at Benedictine University that strives to provide a better understanding of feminism, further the empowerment of women, and promote equality between all genders, through discussions and community service.”

The organization had a movie night showing the Disney movie “Brave”, and related it to the portrayal of women in film.

“The event on Tuesday went well for it being out first event ever. We did make some cash and we had a nice small group come out to watch the movie Brave. After the film, we also had people engage in a discussion focusing on gender roles and perceptions in the film,” said Treasurer of Fempower, Sarah Ray.

This movie event is just one of many more to come for this new organization.

“Fempower has had two general body meetings so far, and one movie night already. We have had a surprisingly good turnout for the meetings, with both guys and girls on campus coming together to discuss topics like gender roles and healthy body image, including the media’s influence on all these aspects,” said one Founder of Fempower, student Tanu Nair.

Fempower has begun to form a routine on how they plan go about organizing meeting each week.

“Our meetings usually start with showing a PowerPoint or some relevant YouTube clips, and we let our members take it from there. I was definitely pleasantly surprised with how much people on campus had to say about these topics. We also luckily have a very diverse group that provides the club with a unique global perspective,” said Nair.

Benedictine University now has an organization that can discuss gender equality.

“All in all, I’d say Fempower is off to a great start and I am very thankful for all our wonderful members,” said Naur.

The leaders of Fewpower have more in store for students at BenU to get involved with in the near future.

“Our club is doing great so far. Exceptional turnout for our meetings and although our movie night wasn’t as popular as we hoped it still was a good time. We’ve covered some pretty interesting topics so far including body image and providing some insight into what feminism is all about. We have some pretty exciting events coming up so stay tuned,” said Secretary of Fempower, Clarque Johnson.