The Candor

Black History Month Poetry Slam

by Tai Cole-Jay

Benedictine University students had a chance to read their own work, when The Black Student Union hosted their annual poetry slam on Thursday, February 19 at Coal Ben.
The poetry slam was a way to end Black History Month with a friendly competition after a series of events being hosted throughout the semester.

BSU is Benedictine University’s on-campus student organization that works to help bring unity and awareness to the needs of not only the African-American students, but also including students of all nationalities as well.
BenU’s Black Student Union president Desmond Washington hosted the event.
Many students came to the stage and read to the audience with spoken works of art that they created, or one they chose to recite written by someone else.

These works included lyric poems, free verse, and even songs-turned-poems; each participant was able to express the writings in this open environment as they performed up to three pieces on stage.
Many poets had a hard time coming up to the stage to say their piece because they felt their poems “were not appropriate enough” as one of the participants commented, despite the tone that was set prior to the event beginning.
The event was hosted from 6:30 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.

After the event, members in the audience seemed to be touched by some particular piece spoken on stage.
Local BenU students gave thoughts on the show as a whole.
“The poets did an amazing job on the stage. It took a lot of courage to be able to get up there and be ready to make a fool of their selves. Although I wish there were more (poets and attendees) who came out to make this event better, ” said Benedictine student, Kamren Ackerman.

According to the members of the board, it was noted that their high expectations might have been stifled due to poor promotion beforehand, as well as several issues with flyers around the campus.
The members of BSU were still satisfied with the overall turnout this year.
The President of BSU, who also performed a poem on stage, noted that more events are coming in the future.
“The BSU Fashion Show that will take place in April, so will another poetry slam in order to give those who may have missed the first event a second chance to compete,” said Desmond Washington.