Fifty Shades of Grey

by: Junelly Gonzalez

Photo Credit: Google Images

Photo Credit: Google Images

There are various topics to be discussed regarding the recently released film, Fifty Shades of Grey. Although most critics were greatly unimpressed, giving it a rating of 26% on the popular movie app Flixster, Grey still earned an impressive $85.20 million over the Valentine’s Day opening weekend. It is an alluring topic, but I have to address the following:

Domestic Abuse: I read on various Facebook comments, blogs, articles, and citric reviews, I noticed people were saying this movie contained high levels of domestic abuse and that type of behavior should not be showcased. I have to agree, Christian Grey was abusing Anastasia. I am solely referring to activities outside of the bedroom, because Anastasia consented to all the behaviors. Of the behaviors outside of the bedroom, Christian was bossy, controlling, manipulative, physically abusive and mentally abusive. He told Anastasia what to do and when to do it, he would get upset when she did something he did not approve of, he would take advantage of the love Anastasia felt for him in order to get her to stay. Additionally, after he would get upset or after he told her he could not be with her because he wasn’t the right guy, he would buy her expensive gifts to make up for it. The worse part of it all is that Christian’s behavior is completely justified because he has a “troubled” past. Furthermore, he acts even more abusive toward her because he fears he is falling in love with her, and Christian Grey never falls in love. Um, okay?

Bad message for young women: Anastasia was incredibly submissive (outside the bedroom), and she would follow the demands of Christian. It is not okay for young girls to think that type of submissiveness is acceptable in a relationship. Anastasia finally walked away because she realized he wasn’t willing to sacrifice anything for her. She realized that the need for Christian to have to punish her went beyond just being kinky sex games, and she realized that she was in love with a man who was incapable of loving her back. That last scene is the only powerful scene in the movie and it most definitely is one that conveys a message to all girls enduring any type of abuse from a man.

Rich guys get to do whatever they want: Something that irritated me the entire movie was the fact that Christian thought, just because he has money, he can do whatever he feels like doing. Just because a man reaches success doesn’t mean he can treat women like sex slaves, which is what Christian did his entire life up until Anastasia. Everything is on his time, why? Excuse me Mr. Grey, but everyone’s life is equally valuable.

Chemistry: I feel Anastasia and Christian lacked chemistry. Maybe it’s bad acting, or maybe these two actors just are not meant to play two characters that are falling in love with each other. I acknowledge it is in Christian’s character to seem cold and disconnected, but still I was expecting to see some signs to help me figure out he was developing feelings for her. The only time I saw any type of chemistry was in the very last scene, when Anastasia finally stands up for herself. That is the moment I realized she really loves him and he actually loves her.