The Candor

7 Tips to decorate your place on a budget

By Kaitlynn Wolfgram

Photo Credit: Google Image

Whether you are living at home or by yourself decorating your place is important. What makes it difficult is living on a budget. The following tips can guide you to decorating your place and keeping a wallet full of cash.
1. Ask your parents. This is the first step. Ask if you can take anything: extra furniture, bedding, electronics. It’s okay if it doesn’t exactly fit the theme you’re going for. Take advantage of what your parents are willing to let you have.
2. Paint an accent wall. Painting can be a long process. When you live in an apartment, typically you have to prime the wall before you leave. Instead paint one wall whatever color or design you want. Check out “Opps” paint that was returned or people didn’t use. You can find it at your local hardware store. It’s cheaper, easier, and creative.
3. Craigslist. This website can save you a lot of cash. I bought an already built Ikea dresser for $80, when in store it was $180. Utilize what people are selling and trying to get ride of. Don’t forget to bargain. If someone is asking for $50, offer $35. Remember to be safe when using Craigslist.
4. Wait for a sale. Don’t over pay for anything. If you like something wait to see if it will go on sale or if you get a coupon.
5. Shop at TJ Maxx, Homegoods, and Marshalls. These stores have great home decor and a reasonable clearance section. If you find something that is slightly damaged, they will mark down the item.
6. Cash and Carry. Ikea is your acquaintance; furniture outlets are your best friends. Ikea is expensive and you have to put the stuff together yourself. In the “as is” section you can take off an extra 20% on already built furniture and take it right home. Clearance sections of furniture outlet stores are great because they are low priced and you take an already built piece of furniture home. Don’t forget to bargain and ask for a flat price out the door.
7. Take the time. It’s okay if your place doesn’t look perfect right away. It took me months to be satisfied with how my place looked. Put money aside to get the stuff you want: curtains, rug, bedspread, portrait, or whatever. Buy a few things each month. If you rush and buy everything at once, you will be broke.
Remember the importance of decorating your place, but also the importance of staying on budget while you’re doing it. Hopefully these tips help you stay on track and create a place you love.