The Glory of the Grammys

By: Akber Khan

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The Grammys are considered The Oscars of music. Where the best of the music industry all come together once a year to preform, receive their accoladeS, and all in all have a good time and give back to the fans. The show consisted of performances from larger than life icons, Beyoncé, Paul McCartney and Madonna. It was however Mr. Kanye West who became the focal point of the Grammys filling every single persons’ social media all at once.

As the winner of Album of the Year, Beck was about to deliver his speech, until Kanye west rushes onto the stage. At this very moment every single person watching had the same shock and look of astonishment on their faces, it was however diffused in a very jokingly manner as Kanye decided to let Beck have his moment.

Surprisingly, Taylor Swift did not win any awards during the event, even after coming off from a very successful year of getting her songs stuck in people’s heads. The real winner of the Grammys would have to be new artist Sam Smith; Smith ending up winning numerous awards during that night for the Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best New Artist. Smith, releasing his debut album, The Lonely Hour quickly rose to become one of the best artists in the music industry to this day.

In hip hop related news, Eminem a living legend won Rap Album of the year for a third time now with his album The Marshall Mathers LP 2. For some reason, Iggy Azalea was also in the running for the award, and as soon as Eminem won, the crowd and Internet all celebrated in unison. This award had a well-deserved reception for the Real Slim Shady. Kendrick Lamar, another artist new to the mix, received a Grammy for best hip-hop song, for “I”, another well-placed award.

The Grammys all in all was a good event followed by warm receptions. It did have some low points though, starting off with Shia labeouf reciting some strange poetry off pink paper. Labeouf, already being under constant accusations and heat for plagiarizing a short story, and also for dancing with an underage child in Sia’s music video, did not just seem to fully connect with the fans quite yet as he once did. Even though Shia Labeouf’s strange antics raised some eyebrows, the Grammys were an overall joyous occasion.

It’s nice to see celebrities come together and respect one another’s music and to see them as just normal human beings. Say what you will about the award ceremonies and the music industries, the Grammys do in the end brings everyone together and makes a great coffee break conversation.