The Candor

Loss of Trust

By: Hashim Arain

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Over the past week or so NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams has come under fire for statements he made during his reporting of the early part of the Iraq War in 2003. According to CNN, the controversy began when it was found out that Williams had fabricated some of his on the scene reporting of the Iraq War. He claimed that the helicopter that he was in was shot down, but then some soldiers said that Williams was exaggerating the truth.

This has created a lot of controversy and backlash from one of the most recognizable newsman in this current day and age. CNN also reports that NBC recently suspended Williams for six months, and that they will be fact checking this report, along with another supposed fabrication of his during his Hurricane Katrina reporting. This is a rough and humiliating time for the NBC; it’s especially hard to have the number one face of the network that’s involved in a situation like this.

There has obviously been a lot of reaction to the situation surrounding Williams, some are speculating whether Williams should be given a second chance or just get fired altogether. Millions tune in each night to hear Williams deliver the news in a straightforward way, how is the public supposed to trust him now since this scandal has been brought up? That’s the question that everyone is wrestling with right now.

The fabrication by Williams will tarnish his reputation for quite a while, but we have to wait and see if NBC wants to continue with him at the helm of their signature nightly news program, or move on from him completely. There’s certainly a loss of trust between the public and Williams after what has transpired over the past week, I just wonder if people want to give him a second chance or not. Maybe the public might be willing to, because Williams has branched out and done late night talk show interviews and has guest starred on NBC’s own TV shows as well. These kinds of things have made him likable.

It should be interesting to see how NBC will handle the Brian Williams situation in the coming months, and to see whether they will stick with him or not. Everyone makes mistakes in life, it just so happens that this mistake is from a person who is in the public eye all the time, and there’s a whole lot of scrutiny for what he did. CNN reported that Williams has already apologized to his viewers about the mistake that he made, and he would like to apologize a second time on camera, if he ever gets the chance to.

It has been a crazy week for Brian Williams, and I’m not sure if he will be able to keep his job or not. He misled the public with the lie that he had told; he’s supposed to present the news as fact. There’s about a 50/50 chance that Williams will keep his job as the NBC Nightly News anchor, I wouldn’t be surprised if he stayed or if NBC fires him. It might be a while until we find out.