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The Mystery Case of Vincente Mundo

By: Zeba Haseeb

Picture of University of Illinois Campus
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

We grieve the loss of a beloved student in our community today. Vincente Mundo, 20, of University of Illinois Urbana – Champaign was found dead last week. According to NBC Chicago, Mundo was last seen on January 25 and his body was found between interstates 45 and 57 by Willard Airport.

NBC Chicago also states that an autopsy has been done on Vincente’s body and they came to the conclusion that this is a homicide case. The details of this story are still left as a mystery. No one can recall seeing Vincente that weekend and no one has come to the police or the family with any kind of information about his whereabouts. The family has also put up a $10,000 reward for anyone that can contribute any kind of information that can help in this case. Mundo’s car is also missing that can help a great deal with figuring out what happened the weekend he died.

This is really an unfortunate happening that occurred in our society. Vincente’s untimely death has spooked not only his university campus, but colleges all around the state. Freshman Safa Sadiq of U of I mentions, “It was just a shocking thing that happened. No one saw this coming because we all see this campus as such a safe place for us all.” A university campus should be thought to be a safe place for students to study and go to class in peace. So why exactly did this happen?

Why was it necessary for such a young and bright individual to die in such a manner? According to WGN News, Vincente’s sister mentions how loveable of a guy he was. A very shy young man, but he was also confident in his own way. So who was want a person like this dead? We are eagerly waiting for more news about the homicide story behind Vincente Mundo’s death. Our prayers go out to his family and friends of course and just hope that whoever is behind this horrific crime is brought to justice.