The Candor

Let’s Focus on the Commercials and Halftime Show

By: Jessica Buettner

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

As most people recall, Super Bowl XILX took place this past weekend and it was an epic battle between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. Most people thought that the game was the main event, whilst others were paying more attention to the commercials and the halftime show. There were many super bowl commercials that were really memorable while others that weren’t as good. There was also the halftime show in which Katy Perry was giving a performance that got various mixed reviews. Here are some major highlights from the show.

The Best Commercial goes to: Budweiser

Recently, Budweiser seemed to have touched people with their super bowl commercials that involve horses and dogs. Starting the commercial with where the farmer was left off from last year’s commercial, the horse and the puppy have built a stronger bond with each other. However, the puppy runs away from his home and the farmer tries his best to find a way to get him back. The puppy finds his way back on his own, but a wolf seems to be on the prowl. The horses manage to get out of their stables in order to save the puppy from the wolf and return him back to the owner. It will make anyone’s heart and will probably make eyes watery in the end, believe it.

The Worst Commercial goes to: T-Mobile

The commercial that’s promoting T-Mobile features Kim Kardashian who is acting like she’s Sarah McLachlan from the puppy commercials. She is talking about some cell phone companies take away some of the data storage from their customers so they can’t share anything onto their social media. She seems to be bragging about herself too much and it seems to get annoying after a little while.

The Funniest Commercial goes to: Sprint

After a few weeks of Sprint promoting that they are going to be cutting the bills of customers who use AT&T and Verizon in half, it seems that they would be giving out an apology. They start by apologizing for calling them a word that associates with the famous screaming goat meme. Revealing the truth that AT&T and Verizon are expensive and that Sprint is cutting bills in half; they lead up to the point that they are looking like a (insert clip of a donkey making its signature noise). The clip of the donkey will leave you laughing out loud.

Katy Perry’s Halftime Show

Nothing seems to stand in the way for Katy Perry as she took the stage on the football field for this year’s big halftime show. Katy arrived into the stadium wearing a fiery dress, riding a mechanical lion while singing her opening number “Roar”. Then, she rushed onto the main stage that resembled a chess game board surrounded by dancing chess pieces and singing dark horse. She next joined the legendary Lenny Kravitz to sing an epic duet of “I Kissed A Girl” along with pyrotechnics followed by a quick costume change to a beach ball type dress and sang “Teenage Dream” along with “California Gurls.” Missy Elliot decided to join Katy Perry so they could jam out to her biggest hits “Get Ur Freak On,” “Work It,” and “Lose Control.” Katy managed to go through another costume change and take her place on a floating star stand and finish with “Firework.” She was dressed up in a Silver Star dress and float around the stadium with accompanying fireworks. Overall, her performance was pretty great with all of the music, costume changes, special guests, and fireworks. To celebrate, the pop star decided to get the roman numerals that represent forty-nine tattooed on her finger so she can always remember that spell bounding performance that she gave.