The Candor

Grammy’s fashion: The best and obviously the worst to strut down the red carpet.

Reem Ibrahim

It’s that time of year, you’re gathering around the TV with your family or friends to watch the Grammy Awards. You can have several reasons as to why you enjoy watching award shows, but when it comes down to it, we can all agree on one thing: we watch the Grammys to judge what celebrities are wearing whether we like to admit or not. Well, at least I do. I’m a very judgmental person when it comes to celebrities and fashion. Does that make me terrible? Probably. Anyway, let’s cut to the chase. This year is proving to be disappointing because I may have more negative things to say than positive, unless you’re Taylor Swift. Because I usually only ever have positive things to say about her. Regarding men though, Nick Jonas looked like an angel. He’s growing up to be so handsome, I remember when he had those curls… and that purity ring. Those were funny times. He’s touring with Iggy Azalea? Clearly he doesn’t love himself.

Now, back to the topic at hand. Meghan Trainor looked lovely, her dress was unique which is what stood out to me the most. I’m sure she was able to leave a good first impression considering this is her first Grammys. Giuliana Rancic looked as gorgeous as ever. I swear, I’ve yet to see her wear something hideous. Anyway, I need to take a moment to talk about Katy Perry. She’s such a stunning woman, but her dresses always leave me questioning her life choices. I won’t lie though, she’s rocking that lilac hair color so good for her. That’s a difficult color to pull off. Jessie J looked flawless, the dress framed her body so nicely and I was impressed at how well she pulled off that haircut. Nobody told me LL Cool J was still alive, did anyone even know he was still alive or did I just not get the memo? I’m feeling so lost right now.

Sia’s hair was so awful; I actually felt secondhand embarrassment when I saw how she looked. Lady Gaga didn’t really leave an impression, which is odd to me. She usually shocks the crowd but this time around, there was nothing too exciting about her appearance. Taylor Swift. That’s literally all I want to say… Actually I’m going to ramble about her anyway. Beyoncé may be the queen to you, but Taylor Swift is the real queen to me. She looked so beautiful and the color of her dress was just as beautiful. Kim Kardashian’s hair was pretty but you know what wasn’t pretty? Her dress. Yeah, her dress wasn’t pretty at all. I got a little confused staring at it. The real question of the night is who told Madonna she can wear that? Does her stylist not love her at all? I wasn’t even aware she was still living, isn’t she 97 years old? I don’t have anything against old people, I swear.

Overall, the best dressed in my opinion was Taylor Swift. She was beautiful from top to bottom, but the worst dressed was Rihanna. She looked like she got in a fight with a herd of sheep and completely lost. Hopefully next year’s Grammys will be better. My eyes hurt from the sights I’ve seen, I need to take a nap.