by Karly Sacco

Photo Credit Sara Haque
Photo Credit Sara Haque

Benedictine University’s College of Business building is far along in the process of construction.

“Despite the rain filled spring and the recent snowfall, the construction of the new College of Business building remains on track to open in the fall of 2015. An official opening date has not been finalized, but will be announced in the near future,” said Executive Director of Campus Planning, Design and Construction Management at Benedictine, Chad Treisch.

Students find the transition with the ongoing construction difficult. Especially getting to classes.

“As a resident in Founders’ I find the construction incredibly annoying because I have to walk around the parking garage to get to Kindlon. I don’t want to walk through the construction zone because I find it dangerous. However, I am really excited to see the building when it’s finished,” said Benedictine senior, Sarah Ray.

Graduating seniors at Benedictine will not be able to experience the new building unless they visit once the construction is finished.

“Seeing the new business building progress day by day is very exciting, but as a senior I wish I could be around to see the final product. I think it’ll create more study space and be an opportunity for growth in the business department,” said Benedictine senior Sarah Jaber.

BenU students each have their own thoughts on how the building is affecting their daily routines.

“I generally feel fine about it, it can be a bit noisy and bothersome at times though,” said Benedictine senior, Hashim Arain.

There are mixed feelings when it comes to how the campus his handling the over all construction.

“While I think the construction will bring more BU students, we no longer have an actual quad and still a lack of parking. I suggest BU officials figure this out,” said Benedictine senior, Kyle Mysiewicz.

The new building has progression with installation to the exterior and interior.

“Currently, the building exterior is close to completion, with windows being installed throughout the building. Additionally, at the same time the building interior is being constructed, from metal studs, drywall, mechanical systems, and electrical systems,” said Treisch.

Students await the completion of the new building.

“The construction on campus is definitely better now than it was when they first began with everything blocked off but now feel like students have gotten used to the changes and will be happy to see the finishing product,” said Benedictine senior, Gina Doughney.

“Trying to get to class from Founders’ is like playing an extreme game of Frogger,”said Benedictine junior, Ashley Maylath.