The Candor

By:Hashim Arain

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit Wikipedia

The ongoing feud between pop stars Katy Perry and Taylor Swift has beenback and forth for some time now. This feud has caught the attention of the pop culture world, mainly because it involves the two highest profile pop stars of this generation. There seems to be a new development in the fight each day, which leaves the entertainment press wondering what’s going to happen next. According to the site Hollywood Life, the fight between the stars supposedly started when Swift’s back up dancers from her tour, went to Perry’s tour, to work for her.

Hollywood Life goes on to say that Swift was upset by this, and blamed Perry for this happening to her. Since then, there have been subtle and not so subtle jabs between the two. The Huffington Post reports that Swift said that a certain female musician is her “enemy” and that Swift also claims that Perry is trying to take people away from her. Reports also claim that Swift apparently has a song about her problems with Perry on her recent album 1989.

It’s interesting to note that these two tend to speak in veiled language when they talk about one another, and that only leaves the press and Perry and Swift’s fan bases to figure out what those words can mean. Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are two of the most popular pop stars to date, and many have wondered including myself as to why things are the way they are between the two of them.

Katy Perry did a recent interview with ELLE Magazine, and one of the topics that were brought up was her supposed feud with Swift. According to Hollywood Life, Perry said that pop stars are “characters” to the media, and that she says that they always have to paint someone as the villain, and as a “sweetheart” in a reference to Swift.

I think Perry makes an interesting point here in that she’s describing how the entertainment media likes to portray celebrity feuds. There always has to be someone that’s portrayed in good light and bad light. In the case of Swift and Perry though, both have said some things that entertainment reporters and gossip columnists typically latch onto, and that’s trying to make a celebrity words mean something more than it should be. I think this particular situation with Katy Perry and Taylor Swift will die down at some point, and eventually the two will apologize for what they have said to one another.
This feud simply can’t go on forever, either Swift or Perry may grow tired of this rift between them, and lay the speculations and rumors to rest. Sure, it might be fun to read this kind of celebrity gossip from time to time, but there comes a point where this type of gossip gets old, and it’s time to move on to something else. There’s no need to endlessly update on this story anymore, we get it; two pop stars are feuding, end of story.