By: Sarah Hussey

Untitled Do you often find yourself eating the same foods? Are you bored with those frozen veggies? Do you want to add some flavor to your sandwich? Well, there is a solution for you: spices. Spices have been shown to help the body in numerous disease states; additionally, they serve as a great way to add some flavor to food. Here are some spices that are great for you, and taste great as well.

Ginger helps with inflammation and is used to fight nausea and stomach issues. This spice works great in applesauce, stir-fry, or soup.

Cinnamon has been shown to help control blood sugar and can reduce risk of heart disease and diabetes. Add to oatmeal, roasted vegetables, fruit, or milk.

Garlic has been shown to aid in immune function. In addition, studies have demonstrated its ability to prevent heart disease and cancer. Garlic can be added to stir-fry, vegetables, bread, chicken, and pasta.

Oregano provides Vitamin K to the body and helps with respiratory and antibacterial infections.
You can add oregano to pizza, pasta sauce, mushrooms, and olive oil.

Cumin has shown antibacterial properties and is also helpful with digestion. Cumin goes great with chili, soup, or Mexican dishes.

Cayenne pepper is often used to boost metabolism and assist in weight loss. This spice works well in soup, stew, and Mexican dishes.

You can add these spices to whatever foods you like, and these are just a few of the many spices available. Experiment and see what tastes best to you. It’s time to spice up your life!

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