Shows to Look Out For in 2015

By: Jessica Buettner
Staff Writer

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Photo credit: Wikipedia

2015 is just a few weeks old, with new shows being made and new seasons of favorites being premiered and there seems to be a long list of shows people have to watch. Here are a few shows that you’ll easily get addicted to this year.

Marvel’s Agent Carter
Once again, Marvel continues to show how the many super heroes connect to one another in this action packed series, Marvel’s Agent Carter. It involves Captain America’s companion, Peggy Carter as she battles alongside with Tony Stark’s father, Howard and butler Edward Jones. It seems that how they are able to fight crime and still connect the stories of the other Marvel superheroes is to watch every Tuesday on ABC.

The Walking Dead
The popular show, The Walking Dead that shows how people are able to bond together whilst trying to survive the zombie apocalypse is back for second half of season 5. It seems that the mid-season finale was keeping people on the edge of their seats as they watched the last episode that aired. If you want to see how the series continues, then you will watch to tune in on February 8 on AMC.

The Slap
This eight episode event, entitled as The Slap may seem like it’s not that big of a deal, but the plot gives away a big idea on what will be shown. After a man slaps a child at a family gathering, hell rises as people try to figure out the right things to do in this situation. There will be any triumphs & tears, shakes and smiles, and a few surprises here and there. Be sure to tune in on February 12 on NBC to see how the people handle this type of situation.

CSI: Cyber
It seems that the creative team behind the popular Crime Scene Investigation series has found a way to develop more and more fans by creating CSI: Cyber. This show involves the FBI’s team of cybercrime. Investigators work hard to solve crimes that involve the dark side of the internet. See how they are able to solve these various crimes on the internet when the show premieres on March 4 on CBS.

Ellen’s Design Challenge
It looks like the famous talk show is stepping out of her comfort zone in order to host another design challenge show on HGTV called Ellen’s Design Challenge. This competition show involves six inspiring designers as they fight for a grand cash prize. There may be some chances that Ellen Degeneres will appear in some of the episodes, but you may never know. You just have to watch every Monday when the episode is shown on HGTV.

This new crime comedy/drama, Backstorm, shows how some cases can be found to be humorous at a few points here and there. This crime show involves a man who goes by the name of Everett Backstorm, an overweight and offensive detective who tries to work well with his team. However, he also tries to deal with his tendencies while figuring out the various mysteries to the various crimes. Tune in every Thursday on FOX to see if this strange detective is able to solve the crimes around him and in his personal life.