You Can’t Control

By: Jessica Buettner

You can’t control my thoughts, you can’t control my feelings.
You can’t control the way I talk to my friends and family.
You can’t control my interests, you can’t control my favorites.
We all have our own opinions about everything and no one else can take that away from anyone else.
You can’t control the clothes I wear nor the music I listen to.
You can’t control my faith nor my love life.
You can’t control the relationships that I share with others.
You can’t control my future and you can’t control my past nor my present.
We all make our own choices throughout our lives and we make mistakes along the way.
If a person has a problem with the person that you are, it’s their own fault.
They are just jealous of the person you are and they want you to change for the better.
People can never change you in order for you to become the person that they want to be.
If they did, then everyone would be the same and the earth would be a boring place for people to live.
Everyone has their differences and that’s what makes the earth a unique place to live.
Individual, unique, special, moxie…
Whatever you want to call it, it’s okay for people to be described in this manner.
If there are people out there who judge you for the person that you are, don’t listen to them.
There is really no point for someone to have control over others.
We are in control of ourselves and we are all unique, special, extraordinary, magnificent, and very different in many ways.
We are in control of our lives and we can do whatever we want with it.
The future is in our hands and it’s our duty to make sure that it’ll shine brighter than the brightest stars in the Milky Way.
We are in control of our own destiny and we have to make it the best that it can ever be.