Hypnotist at Coal Ben

by Tai Cole

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Members of the Benedictine community gathered at Coal Ben as guest hypnotist, Chris Jones, gave a performance on Friday, January 23. Beginning his act with multiple interactions with the crowd and an icebreaker.

As spectators began to fill in the seats until they were left with no choice but to stand, Jones began to explain how he learned hypnotism in graduate school.Assuring many that it was actually easier done than said, he took the microphone and began to slowly lull a group of student volunteers into a state of hypnosis with strange melodies and overlapping sounds.

“The hypnotist was really funny and able to engage well with the students. I had my doubts about his credibility, but I left the show feeling happily stunned. He was great. Invite him back BenU,” said BenU senior Sarah Ray.
Whoever decided to take part in the action and allowed him to relax their minds, according to his commands.
Some people were convinced that they were flesh-eating zombie, while others were just able to relax their minds.

“I loved the show. He did an amazing job at keeping the crowd’s attention. Everyone had a good time and was always laughing. It was definitely a night at Benedictine to remember,” said BenU student Reem Ibrahim.
With some people in the audience falling victim, as warned, he began to “have fun” with his unlucky participants. Being cradled into a state of hypnosis and obedience, they would find themselves convinced they were actually in any stressful situation Jones said they would be in.

“Feeling that the crowd was initially apprehensive, I usually make the crowd the center of attention in order to give them the feeling of satisfying interaction so they can get more out of it than they would simply watching a television set,” said Jones.

As they believed they were on a broken rollercoaster, in a court of law, prom dates, or even zombies, everyone else not affected by his “magic” was able to enjoy the antics as a few may have even been prom dates or zombie food themselves.

Those in the crowd found him to be outrageously funny and the best free event at Benedictine University so far this year.