A Need for Bipartisanship

By: Hashim Arain
Staff Writer

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This past Tuesday night, President Obama delivered his annual State of The Union Address to the Congress and the nation. This speech is usually a time for the President to explain to the country what he has accomplished in the past year, and what he plans to do in the upcoming year. The main themes of Obama’s speech were mostly about summarizing his economic accomplishments, as well as some of the strides that he made in foreign policy.

According to CBS News, Obama spoke about his plans to change the tax code, make community college free, institute paid sick leave in the workplace, and let children have the ability to have access to good childcare. This is just a few of the main things that Obama proposed in his speech, he will need assistance from a Republican led Congress in order to get most of these things done.

President Obama’s working relationship with Congress over the years has been rocky, and once again it will be a challenge for him to work with Congress on the important issues this time around. CBS News also notes that Obama told the audience of Congress members to work with him on issues such as infrastructure, put in place international trade agreements, approving the use of force against the Islamic terrorist group ISIS, and ending the trade embargo with Cuba.

President Obama once again stressed the need for bipartisanship on these pressing issues, and that was one of his many themes of the speech. I think that was a key part of his speech, because Obama isn’t going to get things done without help from both Democrats and Republicans. It’s important that their all on the same page when it comes to getting some of these issues passed through Congress, I know it won’t happen right away, but bipartisanship is a vital part for a democracy like America.

Usually there’s a response from the Republicans after Obama gives his speech and according to the Atlantic, this year it was Iowa Senator Joni Ernst. The Atlantic reports that Ernst spoke about cutting spending and balancing the budget with meaningful reforms, which she went into little detail in. Over the next two years, it’s very important for President Obama and Congressional leaders to work together on the things that Obama proposed in his address.

A trend seems to always occur after a State of The Union Address, over half the stuff that was talked about in the speech, will probably not get done as the year goes on. That’s just the nature of our government at the moment. Things need to change, the American public, the President, and some in the Congress are sick and tired of the ongoing political fighting that occurs between Democrats and Republicans.

Americans want productivity in their government, which currently, very little of it is going on right now. President Obama expressed once again a willingness to work with Republicans on the complicated issues that face this nation. I hope Democrats and Republicans adhere to that call of bipartisanship.