No Need to Speculate Now

By: Hashim Arain

From top left, clockwise: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Rand Paul (R-Ky.) are shown. | AP Photos/Getty Read more: Photo Credit:

From top left, clockwise: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Rand Paul (R-Ky.) are shown. | AP Photos/Getty
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It’s not even a month into 2015, and already the speculation has begun on who’s going to run in the 2016 Presidential race. Some people have already spoken out publicly on whether they would run for President, most notably George W. Bush’s brother Jeb Bush and former 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. The race for the next president is so closely watched, that people especially political observers enjoy trying to read the tea leaves on who may run.

According to BBC News, Romney has turned heads and surprised some people after he claimed to be thinking about running for a third time. The BBC also notes that Romney has reached out to Republican donors about the possibility of running for president again. The BBC had also mentioned that some other names to look out for are New Jersey Governor Chris Christe, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, and of course former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The presidential race obviously will have a lot of implications on what direction the country wants to go in, and also where the country could potentially be heading. I just believe that it’s way too early to be speculating on who will run, and win the election. I think we should wait until sometime during the last days of next fall and early winter, to really start talking about this election.

Usually the presidential race starts to unfold when all the potential candidates officially announce that they’re running, and that it will narrow down to the final four for the Democrats and Republicans. The process of the 2016 presidential race is still in its very early stages, with people just saying that they will mull over whether to give this long and grueling campaign process a shot. The media just has to focus on the current issues at hand, and not give the latest update on what a potential presidential hopeful is doing.

It will certainly be interesting to see whether some of these big names will end up running, but for right now there are more pressing issues in the country and around the world that the public should be paying attention to. Maybe some of the issues going on right now would impact the 2016 election, but will be dealt with that when the time comes.

Right now the public should see whether President Obama can get a Republican majority in the House and Senate to work with him on pressing issues like fixing the immigration system and continuing the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. I know the media likes to move on to the next big election, but they should wait and report on the election when the time is right. The media shouldn’t fast forward like this; they should focus on what’s happening in the present for now. There will be plenty of time to talk about the 2016 election presidential election when the time comes, but now’s not the time to do it.